Luscious Light Blonde Hair Color for 2017

Light blonde is a dreamy shade for many brunettes. It is a diverse color and includes icy platinum, golden, buttery, platinum and sandy tones. Choosing a color that fits your skin tone is easy when it comes to blonde shade since there is a flattering hue for any skin tone. Blonde shades look absolutely stunning on fair skin tones. Light blonde hair also makes a great canvas that allows you to infuse darker colors if you want to add some depth to your look. Read on to see the trendiest light blonde hair colors for 2017.Luscious Light Blonde Hair Color for 2017Light Blonde Hair Color

From top to bottom this look is fantastic. The locks have lots of texture and waves that enhance the natural appeal of the look and a darker layer adds some impressive depth and more volume to the appearance. However it is still the color that takes this hairstyle a notch higher. It is not necessary to have long hair to achieve a chic hair color like this.

Chocolate Brown Hair Colors

Those who are in love with solid hair colors will definitely appreciate chocolate brown hair colors. These hues make a perfect option for modern women. If you wear it right you can have a look as sweet as chocolate but it is not as easy to choose a right hair color as it may seem. Here are the best pictures of chocolate brown shades that will definitely give you ideas on how you can experiment with these shades and create a head-turner look.Chocolate Brown Hair ColorsDark Chocolate Streaks

This stunning example proves that it is not “must” to go for light shades to highlight your look. You can do it even with dark chocolate hair color. The black medium-length strands of this hair style have some sweet dark highlights that give them a definition and help spice up the dull and plain look. The strands are styled in beach waves for a better look.

Upscale Burgundy Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

The burgundy hue is the best idea to heat things up! It is categorized into red colors family and can be applied to locks in various ways. Burgundy ombre is all the rage and it is clear why. Red is a head-turning hair color that also symbolizes femininity. If you want to be noticed this is the shade you should be thinking about for your next makeover. Since the hues are really versatile- from bright to deep mahogany, you have to think hard before committing. Burgundy looks stunning when paired with darker brown and black colors. Take a look at these ravishing burgundy ombre hair colors for 2017 and get inspired from.Upscale Burgundy Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Burgundy to Orange Ombre

In this style the burgundy roots give way to a glowing section of amber orange before fading into a yellowish blonde. This is one of the trendiest ways of rocking red ombre hair color. The styling of tresses is super effortless and you should simply draw a center part and cute curled locks around the face. Take this inspiring picture as a good example.

Opal Rainbow Hair Colors for 2017

What will happen if you combine grey hair color and rainbow shades? You will achieve an irresistible hairstyle that will gain lots of comments. So, what technique do you need to apply these hues to your strands? Here is an opal hair color technique that pulls inspiration from the sea which really makes sense because mermaid hair is a hot thing right now. Actually opal stone involves a blend of pearl and indecent blues, purples and pinks. Keep reading to know more about this trend and find the best opal rainbow hair colors for 2017.Opal Rainbow Hair Colors for 2017It is more than clear that this paint job has been created by Aura Friedman at Sally Hershberger, in order to feature metallics and pastels. Aura Friedman tries to do her best to please both brunettes and blondes. Brunettes can enjoy oil slick rainbow trend while the blondes should consider opal trend to introduce new shades into their life. The best thing about this is that both brunettes and blondes have a chance to pull off various bright and vibrant hues.

Chic Platinum Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum blonde hair colors aren’t new but lately lots of Hollywood starlets have been getting the splendid icy-blonde makeover. Well, going platinum blonde isn’t an easy task and there are some important points to take into consideration before going white blonde. First concern is the potential damage that your hair will face. It is possible to achieve this hue only after several bleaching sessions which may damage your strands. It is definitely not a low-maintenance look, so you will need to take lots of care of it. It will be better to ask your colorist for the best hair color treatments. The next important thing to consider is your skin complexion. Consult with your colorist to know whether this shade is for you or not.Chic Platinum Blonde Hair ColorsPlatinum Blonde Locks

Platinum blonde hair color accessorizes these ultra-long strands. This particular look features platinum feathers and dark roots. The darker streaks perfectly melt into platinum blonde shade to create a unique and mind-blowing hair color. The entire effect is both pretty and dramatic. So consider this option as your next makeover.

Unique Pumpkin Spice Hair Colors for 2017

At this point, when the colorists get inspired from everything, we shouldn’t be surprised by pumpkin spice hair colorsDear trendsetters pumpkin spice hair is the hottest trend of the moment. Well, let’s be honest and admit that pumpkin spice hair looks like red hair. There is not a specific shade that is or isn’t pumpkin spice. Some women prefer to go for deep auburn locks through balayage, while others want to achieve subtle strawberry blonde locks. Below you will definitely find some interesting facts about 2017 pumpkin spice hair colors.Unique Pumpkin Spice Hair Colors for 2017Pumpkin Spice and Your Skin Tone

Like picking out any new hair color, you should consider your skin complexion before committing. So here is how it works, pumpkin spice hair color with copper and orange tones makes a perfect option for fair skin complexion while honey and amber are the best for darker skin tone. It just takes subtle changes in the copper or red used, and you will definitely end up with a shade that compliments your individual skin tone.  

Oil Slick Hair Colors for Brunettes for 2017

Most of brunettes are obsessed with rainbow hair color trends but some of them are not ready to take a great risk and go for several bleaching sessions to achieve pastel or rainbow hair colors. Today, we came up with a trend that allows brunettes to wear delicate hues without lots of work. Meet! Oil slick hair colors for 2017. Compared with rainbow and unicorn hair trend, oil slick colors don’t require bringing your base to super light level. It means less damage to your tresses. You can personalize this trend and make it less bold. Oil Slick Hair Colors for Brunettes for 2017The colorist Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger Salon has developed this dye technique for ladies with darker mane. The oil slick colors are possible to achieve on darker base with less bleaching. Finally brunettes also can pull of various sweet hues without worrying of bleaching. This trend is all about taking the dark mysterious shades to a whole new level. The key to achieve oil slick look is keeping the hues limited to cool shades only. Don’t forget that oil slick trend is meant to look dark most of the time.

Honey Brown Hair Colors

You can get honey brown hair color by pairing different shades of brown. This shade will make your locks look fabulous and flattering. Like any other brown shade, honey brown is also very easy to achieve if you know how to mix the shades correctly to get a right color combination. This color works for all skin tones. You can have it in balayage or in any other pattern such as ombre, sombre or highlights. The following examples of honey brown hair colors will give you ideas on how to experiment with this shade.Honey Brown Hair ColorsSombre with Blonde Tips

The textured locks look amazing and somehow you may think it is a complicated style to copy.  However you can achieve it by lifting your brown base with a light blonde shade and hand painting it in a Sombre pattern. Apart from the color the lovely texture adds some detail to the tone, and a nice trim comes in handy.

Subtle Lavender Hair Colors for 2017

Lavender is a pale tint of purple that reminds us of perfumed soaps and lavender flowers. Lavender makes a great choice for hair colors and there are many tones to choose from, ranging from the lightest pastel to electric shades. Whether you want full color, dipped tips or an ombre, lavender is a cool tone that you should definitely try out.  In order to inspire you, I have selected several lavender hair colors for 2017. Let’s hope you will find something cool appropriate for your skin complexion and preferences.Subtle Lavender Hair Colors for 2017Mauve Color Melt

If you want to achieve this look, you should opt for a balayage technique. Here we can see how freehand color technique has been used to create a seamless color melt. As you can see, lavender pastel purple and sky blue shades create an excellent color combination. When it comes to styling, you will need to create loose S-shaped waves that also help bring out the colors.

Flattering Sandy Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

The only way to experiment with blonde shades is to go lighter and the sandy blonde is the best shade to start with. Sandy blonde is pretty splendid shade that involves numerous tones- from ultra-light buttery blonde to dark ash and beige, so everyone will find an appropriate color. The hottest way to rock sandy blonde is to pair it with other tones and use the ombre, balayage or free hand painting technique to apply the color. Sandy blonde is an excellent color for any hair length. Here are the trendiest sandy blonde hair colors for 2017. Have a look and get inspired from.Flattering Sandy Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Beige Blonde Hair

This model’s hair has an amazing color blend that comes from a subtle beige blonde with slightly shadowy roots. The colorist also placed some blonde baby highlights to provide with a little bit contrast and straightened the locks out beautifully to create a silky effect. If you have longer, strands this is the best hair color to pull off.