Solid Black Hair Colors for 2017

Black is the color of elegance and beauty. It is a universally appealing shade as most of females have natural black hair. According to the colorists women, who change their mind often should stay away from this dark hue. To pull off a dark shade such as black you will need to use permanent or semi-permanent hair color. Regardless the natural hair hue, applying a permanent deep black hair color to your locks will turn any single hair into deep-black. Being a solid and monotone hue black hair still has its own magic and grabs attention. However it is important to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Here are some black hair colors for 2017 that will stun everyone.Solid Black Hair Colors for 2017There are some important points that you should take into consideration before applying any shade of black- be that jet black, blue black, raven black or reddish black. So, if you have very light complexion, coloring your locks jet black with blue sheen will provide you a Snow White look-alike. Keep in your mind that jet black highlights light skin complexions. It looks exceptionally stunning when paired with red lipstick.

Pixelated Hair Colors: Boldest Trend of The Year

Ombre, sombre, balayage- these techniques are not new anymore. Here is another hot trend for the upcoming seasons that have already hit the world of hair artistry. Pixelated hair colors are not quite new but they are still in the center of attention as they allow you to have a bold and edgy look with the help of graphics that are being introduced right on your locks. Well, it is the best moment to try something different and stunning. Go on reading to see the best ideas of pixelated hair colors and discover how this technique has been created.Pixelated Hair Colors Boldest Trend of The YearHair stylist and colorist James Gartner has adopted this pixelated hair color by introducing his personal twist on it. Using the same technique he has tried to make the rough graphics appear softer and more delicate. The hair colorist got really inspired to see those pixelated effects on the locks.  However the story hidden behind this technique is pretty funny.

Dirty Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

What shade is dirty blonde? Well, dirty blonde is a pale yellow hair color that is paired with a dirty hair color such as brown. The combination produces a new mix known as dirty blonde. If you put the shades differently you will achieve a different hair color. Dirty blonde is a diverse hair color that you can adopt whenever you want. With a sophisticated hair color you will have a lovely appearance in winter or summer. This shade flatters medium to dark skin complexion. View our gallery of dirty blonde hair colors for 2017 will definitely give you a basic idea about this shade.Dirty Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Dirty Blonde Hair Color

This hair color looks pretty light and bright on a medium skin complexion. In summer this hair color will seem even brighter. A dirty blonde hair color like is meant to bring out your charm and beauty. Give your strands some effortless styling by sweeping them to the side. If you love this hair color, go ahead with it and make a fashion statement.

Trendy Caramel Hair Highlights for 2017

Being a versatile hue, caramel ranges from dark brownish to soft creamy hues. Carmel is a perfect idea for highlights, ombres and any other pattern. However we can say that any hair color can adopt a pop of caramel. Caramel hair highlights on the blonde or brown base offers a sophisticated and chic hair color. The best thing about caramel highlights is that they are universally flattering, which means that everyone can pull off the highlights regardless of natural texture, hair type, and hair color. These engaging examples of caramel hair highlights for 2017 will inspire you.Trendy Caramel Hair Highlights for 2017Caramel and Blonde

Caramel highlights are excellent to sport and can bring the best of your haircut. These hair highlights are designed to add extra dimension and depth. Give your locks a modern trim and your hair color will accentuate it making it even cooler. If you have blonde hair it is an effortless look for you, otherwise you have to lighten up your locks.

Right Bronde Hair Color for You

Bronde is a perfect hair color that works both for brunettes and blondes. For brunettes bronde hair color is a fun and low-maintenance way to add some depth and dimension to the strands plus it allows knowing what it feels like to be a blonde. For blondes it is the best way to warm up the existing blonde shade and reduce maintenance with natural streaks. Bronde can be dark or light. It uses dark and light brown and blonde hues. If you can’t commit between these two shades, combine them together to create a stunning look.Bronde Hair Color 2017Bronde Hair Color

Bronde is definitely has a hue that is right for you. If you are a woman with natural dark hair shade and warm skin tone, you will want to go for golden tones. But if you have a paler skin tone then adding some ashy hues to your bronde can be beneficial. Women with already blonde hair color can choose whatever they want as blonde makes an excellent canvas for a unique bronde. The colorists recommend keeping the color bright around your face and darker at the top to achieve a sun-kissed hair color.

2017 Red Hair Color for Black Women

If you are a dark skinned lady and you are seeking for fiercely hot or just catchy red hair then you will probably want to find a perfect shade that flatters your natural skin tone. Dark skin women can easily pull off red hair colors because they have deep hues of red in their complexion. Here I have stored some 2017 red hair colors for black women that will help you stun people. Check out these lovely hair colors before you will decide to become a redhead or update your red hair color.2017 Red Hair Color for Black WomenBright Red Hair Color for Black Women

Well, red is a versatile shade and most of the shades are going to look great on dark skin tone. Bright red hair color will give you a soft finish but to make it more interesting add some golden undertones plus it will bring out the beauty of your complexion and brighten up your look. You will shine in a vibrant and bright red hair color. This shade will help you steal the spotlight!

Peach Hair Highlights for 2017

Life is all about making smart decisions and realizing them. Dreamy peach hair highlights are incredible for turning your hair in pastel, non-natural hair color while still maintaining your natural hair color that is solid and classy. In modern world you don’t have to change up your entire hair color to look stunning. Place some hair highlights through your locks to give you a fresh new look without changing too much. These peach hair highlights for 2017 are meant to accessorize your dark or light locks. Read on to find your style.Peach Hair Highlights for 2017Sombre with Peach Highlights

If you are looking for the ways to revamp your bronde hair color, consider peach hair highlights. These highlights will take your entire look a step further. Well, peach highlights are subtle enough that people might not notice at first but the waves or curls will bring the peach highlights to life through volume and body. It is a lovely style to rock!

Best Hair Colors for Asian Women

Most of Asian women have naturally black shiny hair but sometimes you may really want to change up your look. A right hair color may come in handy like nothing else. Perhaps hair dye is the best way to express your individual style and give you that something new that you are really looking for. Here I have selected some stunning hair colors for Asian women. Remember that dying your hair for the first time may be damaging and it is the best to ask for help from professional hair colorists.Best Hair Colors for Asian WomenMaroon Hair Color for Asian Women

Well, if you are seeking for an edgy hair color option but you try to avoid damaging your locks too much then sticking with a dark hair color is the best idea. A deep maroon hair shade can be complimentary on Asian skin tone and it blends really well with darker hair colors. Maroon hue is both trendy and low-maintenance. Try it out and you will not regret!

Flamboyage Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Here is another cool hair color treatment for women to embrace. Meet flamboyage! This technique is not quite new but it is gaining popularity due to the stunning results. There are so many hair color techniques that make women confuse everything. Flamboyage is not balayage neither ecaille. Today we are going to define this technique and see some flamboyage hair color ideas for 2017. After checking these pictures you will also want to rock one of these amazing hair colors. If you are ready let’s start!Flamboyage Hair Color Ideas for 2017What is Flamboyage? Probably this is the first question that you would give your colorist. Flamboyage is a French freehand hair coloring technique that is available in many popular salons around the world. The technique has been popularized by Italian hair colorists and hairstylist Angelo Seminara. Well, due to him we have a new way to apply the tones throughout the strands.

Ronze Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Fashion gurus and beauty bloggers love to blend several tones and then create a new hair color with a creative name. It is really catchy when two different ideas join together to provide something even more awesome and stunning. Today we are going to speak about ronze hair color trends for 2017 and explain how to get it. We have also included some celebrities who have experimented with this hue. Go on reading to know more!Ronze Hair Color Ideas for 2017What is Ronze Hair Color?

Well, ronze is a sophisticated hue that uses a blend of copper and bronze brown. It is similar to bronde hair color trend but created for these those who prefer the redder hues. This hair color is meant to brighten up your entire look plus it provides a low-maintenance look. Ronze hair color is the less bright version of fiery red and it adds more dimension to the locks due to the brown tones.