Metal Hair Colors for 2017

Isn’t the spring a new excuse for a new dye job? Sun bleached hues are still the hottest trends of the season and the favorite style of lazy girls but here is another trend that has gone viral. Meet metal hair colors for 2017. You can use metallic hues to amp up your strands. Heavy metals are not only your favorite colors as celebrities also love to experiment with such unique hues. The following metallic hues will inspire you for your next hair color makeover. Keep on reading to know more.Metal Hair Colors for 2017Copper Hair Color

If you are obsessed with red hair hues, copper metal is for you. Go for bright or dark copper to accessorize your long or short strands. Throw some dark roots growth into the mix as a bonus. Probably copper is the trendiest shade of red that anyone can pull off. It still has lots of sub tones that you will need to figure out. In order to avoid failures, consult your colorist about your favorite copper.

Lovely Cotton Candy Hair Colors

Several years ago bright and vivid shades would seem unusual but nowadays lots of girls are being spotted with unnatural and unconventional hair colors. Today we have rounded up with some lovely cotton candy hair colors that are absolutely stunning and delicious. Cotton candy hair colors are meant to make your dreams come true while bringing out your inner fairy. The thing to know about cotton candy hair hues is that they are high maintenance and require frequent touch ups. But it is definitely worth your money, time and effort.Lovely Cotton Candy Hair ColorsUnicorn Hair Color

Every girl would love to experiment with a hair color like this, at least once in her life. The pretty pinks and purls have been gathered to create a lovely cotton candy hair color. The colors look good when achieved through balayage technique. Note that this style starts with a deep berry tone and ends as a soft lilac shade. The result is delicious enough to eat.

Top Sub-Tones of Red Hair Color for 2017

If you have been thinking of tinting your hair in a new ruby shade, you are exactly in the place you need to be. The popular colorists do everything to determine your perfect shade. From sun-kissed apricot to rich bordeaux, we have rounded up the trendiest reds for spring and summer 2017. You just need to figure out how to make them work for your strands. The best advice is to choose the right red for your skin tone. Keep reading to find the most beautiful fiery shades of red hair colors for 2017.Red Hair Color for 2017Sun-Kissed Apricot

This deep apricot hair color with golden highlights is what you need to accessorize your locks. Actually this shade works for everyone. However you can go either for sombre highlights or baby lights. The sombre is an excellent option to give your tips golden highlights providing a feel of carefree color while baby lights add whimsical highlights to mimic sun-kissed hair.

2017 Dark Blonde Hair Colors with Deep Golden Tones

If you use your imagination you may achieve a totally unique hair color. You shouldn’t fear to mix several hues for a really better look. Dark blonde hair color adds lots of depth and definition to the strands like nothing else. The darker undertones help to add a lovely color to the face without creating a washed out look. There are still various options to choose from. You can go for either warm-toned or cool-toned options that involve numerous sub-tones and ensure that there is something for every personality. Here I have selected inspirational dark blonde hair colors with deep golden tones for 2017.2017 Dark Blonde Hair ColorsWalnut Brown Hair

This hair color is all about mixing walnut blonde with deep brown to bring out your natural glow and give warmth to the face. The fascinating part about this color is that it is natural and doesn’t require special care. The gentle waves look stunning on hair that flows beyond the shoulders. Rich walnut brown hair color works well on everyone.

Celebrity Inspired Auburn Hair Colors for 2017

Are you confused about vibrant red tones and sub-tones? You should watch these celebrity inspired auburn hair colors for 2017. Auburn comes from the family of red hair colors but it is probably the easiest shade of red to pull off. As it is a reddish brown tone you can match it to any skin tone. However, if you are a woman with fair complexions with pink undertones or a woman with olive skin, consider brown based auburn mane. Gorgeous black skinned women can go more red. Here are the most known celebs with their auburn hair colors, just follow them.Celebrity Inspired Auburn Hair Colors for 2017Chocolate-y Red Hair Color

What can be sexier and hotter rather than this natural looking chocolate-y red hair color? Kate Mara’s chocolate-y red crop contrasts well with her brown eyes. Since the color is more brown than red, it is low-maintenance and doesn’t require special care to keep your look stunning. Just a fancy styling is just enough to stand out.

Best Blonde Hair Colors for You

Some were born with natural blonde hair color while others try to do their best to find the most appropriate shade to go blonde. Every blonde hue is unique and distinctive whether you achieved it in a single process or you are naturally blonde. Going blonde is a long commitment but it is worth your effort as you will get all fun you have ever wanted. Here is a guide to the spectrum of edgy shades -from cool platinum to blonde. Keep reading to find the most inspiring blonde hair color for your next hair makeover.Best Blonde Hair Color for YouSandy Blonde Hair Color

This deeper hue incorporated with lighter and darker tones reminds of sea and sand. It has been achieved by blending a base color with highlights. This color requires lots of maintenance. Ask your hair colorist about your maintenance plans. You shouldn’t use shampoos with tints and tones on your own otherwise you will destroy everything. It is better to use conditioners infused with hints of the shades you have already got in your locks.

Silver Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Silver ombre hair color is superb, stunning and nearly metallic plus it is the best inclusion to the ever-changing hair styling sphere. Actually ombre is a simple color design but you can always personalize it to your taste. Silver hue makes an excellent option for any ombre pattern. Apart from this it is a bold shade that you can combine with any other hue to create a charming look. Silver looks good on any hair length so if you are looking for something chic for formal or casual below you will see a picture gallery of silver ombre hair colors for 2017.Silver Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Dark Brown to Silver

Silver is a stunning shade that works well with almost any hair color whether it is dark or light. In this particular look the ombre starts with a lovely dark brown shade then transitions to the spiffy silver towards the tips for some contrast. These shades combined together create a dimensional look that can be enhanced by a choppy haircut.

Black Cherry Hair Colors for 2017

Black cherry hair colors are unique and always help create a delicate look. As coloring is always trendy, new hair shades are coming up and this black cherry is one of the latest. Black cherry hair color looks pretty fancy and you can achieve the look using foils or balayage technique for a natural finish. It is a perfect hue that is possible to design in many ways by using other shades. If you are ready to try out this sophisticated yet chic pattern, the following black cherry hair colors for 2017 will give you an idea on how you can pull off this hue.Black Cherry Hair Colors for 2017Plum Hair Color

Actually cherry hair color can be pretty versatile so you have to find your own sub-tone. In this particular style it gives the long flowing locks and incredible look. This shade softens the entire style while making the haircut even more detailed. Note that the subtle hue blends really well with the dark base spicing up extra shine on the strands.

Warm Hair Color Ideas

Warm hair colors range from golden blonde and hazelnut brown to coppery hues. Warm hair colors are pretty inspiring and look cool in any season of the year. Some females think that warm shades are only for autumn months, but you can pull of these hues whenever you want. Here we have included some stunning hairstyles that bring out the beauty of the rich warm hair colors. These examples may even inspire you to wear a two-tone hair color. Just go on reading to find your favorite warm hue.Warm Hair Color IdeasAsh Blonde Hair Color

Here ash blonde hair color has been given a hint of hazelnut brown to create a lovely and unique hair color. The combination of ash blonde and hazelnut provides a perfect warm hair color. It looks just amazing when paired with nude makeup. The hair is naturally straight but you may use some hair tools to make it curly. However the natural appeal of this ash blonde is just tempting.

2017 Blonde Hair Colors with Dark Roots

If you thinking of tinting your locks blonde but truly fear the frequent root touchups to conceal the grown out sections, you may like this post. Nowadays there is no more reason to worry about the dark roots, as there is a new hot trend that is all about maintaining your dark roots. This trend has gone viral all around the world. Most of ladies have already managed to experiment with the hottest hair colors, keeping the roots dark. Probably many years ago it wasn’t a good idea to show off the dark roots now it is accepted everywhere. These pictures of 2017 blonde hair colors with dark roots are the best proof.2017 Blonde Hair Colors with Dark RootsPerhaps it is two-tone hair color trend that has made dark roots in blonde hair acceptable. Two –tone hair colors always guarantee a unique look. By keeping your roots dark you create a lovely two-tone hair color that is also trendy ombre. Several years ago women had to go for frequent touchups as having two tones on the locks would draw lots of attention and make a bold statement. However the ombre hair color version reduces maintenance.