2017 Hair Highlights for Any Hair Color

Hair highlights are the most popular choice among females as they may radically transform the entire look without full commitment. Highlights come in different shades and shapes. They are meant for every hair color. Generally highlights are being done two-tone lighter than your natural hair color but you are free to choose your favorite highlighted style. Modern females prefer to go bold with pastel highlights. However hair highlights are excellent color enhancers. Here I have selected 2017 hair highlights for any hair color, just check them out!2017 Hair Highlights for Any Hair ColorDirty Blonde with Light Blonde Streaks

This shade can also be described as caramelized blonde with prominent hair highlights in sandy- almost beige tones. It is an excellent combination to bring out your eye color and compliment your skin tone. The colorists recommend setting a regimen- every four to six weeks to go for touchups. In this way the strands will look healthy with fresh hair color.

Hot Maroon Hair Colors for 2017

Maroon is a gorgeous shade of red that can be spotted both on ordinary women and celebrities. It is a lovely color that brings out the beauty inside you and takes your whole look to a top notch. Maroon works with many different hair colors and there are lots of inspirational ideas for this unique and popular shade. I have done my own research to find the best maroon hair colors for 2017 that will make you stand out in the crowd. With theses stunning shades you will definitely reach a conclusion. Read on to see what we have compiled for you!Hot Maroon Hair Colors for 2017Magenta Hair Color

This lovely hair color goes really well with the model’s delicate light skin complexion. The color features burgundy/magenta tones that provide a touch of elegance to the look. This color does really much to keep those youthful vibes and take your look to a new level. You still have a chance to add some highlights and lowlights to make the color look even more dimensional.

Temporary Hair Color Ideas

We, women are so thankful that there is an array of temporary methods to color our strands. It is a great fun to change our appearance whenever we want. Some hair coloring techniques require using harsh chemicals that damage the strands. Bleaching is probably the biggest enemy of your locks. Apart from this some of us work in an environment that requires having an “acceptable look”. Temporary hair colors allow you to dye your hair whenever you go out or whenever your mood strikes. Here are the best temporary hair color looks that you will definitely love.Temporary Hair Color IdeasHair Chalks

Hair chalks work for everyone. Some temporary methods of coloring the locks don’t appear as effective as hair chalks. Hair chalks are fantastic option for dark haired-ladies as well. However chalk pastels are a lot better than hair chalks. They are relatively cheaper and the result is much better. If you have ultra-dark locks make them wet, blondes don’t have to do it.

Crazy Neon Hair Colors for 2017

The neon hair colors are going to dominate in 2017’s fashion industry. Neon hair colors are not easy to achieve as you will need to perform a lot more care on your locks than you used to do but it is totally worth it. These bright hair colors define brave heart ladies. It is true that the neon hair color is more than enough to express your personality. Well, you can easily dye your locks to copper, brown, red, blonde but things change when the theme is neon hair colors. Your colorist will need to do lots of job to provide your desired neon. These pictures of crazy neon hair colors for 2017 will encourage you and give you inspiration.Crazy Neon Hair Colors for 2017Neon Orange Hair Color

This bright orange hair color is close to coppery hues, so whenever you don’t feel like rocking your neon you may turn to copper-red hair color by darkening it. Neon orange is being adopted by women with light or cool skin complexions. Women with these skin tones have a great advantage. You can also match this color with grey hair tones to create an ombre-like design.

Espresso Brown Hair Colors for 2017

Caramel brown, Chocolate Brown, Espresso Brown, Mocha Brown, Coffee Brown, Cocoa Brown- these ravishing shades of brown hair color prove that the brunettes have the most delicious and yummiest selections of hues to choose from. It is a bit overwhelming, so we are going to talk only about espresso brown hair colors for 2017. This sub-tone of brown hair color is an excellent option for ladies who are looking for the trendiest ways to update their dark hair color. Hot espresso will revamp your lifeless locks and make you love your brunette hair color.Espresso Brown Hair Colors for 2017Cool Espresso Brown

Generally the espresso brown tone has a rich, cool or natural undertone. Don’t screw up the word “cool” as it doesn’t mean that your hair color is going to look matte or murky. Cool tones will provide as much shine and silkiness as the warmer tones. The best thing about cool espresso is that it adds a bit more drama to your look. This espresso looks the best on medium to cool skin tones. Love this color? Go for it!

Red Carpet: Best Hair Color Moments

Have you ever considered that you may also have as stunning look as celebrities? The first step is to choose a right hair color. Even a simple change of your hair hue may radically transform your entire appearance into something better. Here we have gathered the best hair color moments from red carpet events. You will see that these celebrities didn’t fear to go for radical changes to find their own color. They prove that the notion like “there is nothing better than your natural hair color” may not always be true.Best Hair Color MomentsRed Hair Color

Whether you believe or not but Christina Hendricks was once a hot blonde. She explained that after becoming a redhead she has finally felt like herself. This statement hair color is an inspiration for ladies who have the same complexion as Christina. The coppery hue highlights her blue eyes and brings out her cool skin tone with rosy undertones.

Instagram Inspired Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

Strawberry blonde is the most favorite hair color of beauty bloggers. It is a popular solution for both blondes and redheads. Strawberry blonde is a combination of red and blonde shades that appear very delicate. Now you don’t have to commit between these two tones as you may blend both of them to achieve a chic strawberry blonde. It is the rarest shade of blonde that is being chosen by celebrities as well. The list of strawberry blonde hairstyles is really limitless but we have tried to compile strawberry blonde hair colors for 2017 using Instagram as a source of inspiration.  Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Strawberry Blonde

Green eyes, cool skin tone and freckles- these are the best combination for strawberry blonde hair color. This shade will highlight your complexion and bring out the best of your features. The color will get lighter under the sun. Strawberry blonde is an attractive and feminine hue that is worth to pull off. It looks amazing in all its variations.

2017 Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Solid brown shade on the strands is meant to create a shiny and strikingly beautiful headdress. By adding highlights to brown hair you can make it bolder. Perhaps 2017 blonde hair highlights for brown hair is the best option to boost your confidence. Blonde highlights on brown locks will always give an extra pop to your hair and color to your face. The key to achieve an excellent brown blonde hair color is to find the right hues. This combination is also known as bronde and it is the most favorite one among celebrities and ordinary women.2017 Blonde Highlights for Brown HairGolden Blonde with Dark Roots

This gorgeous headdress features a dark brown root that transitions into a golden blonde color creating a lovely color combo. Ask your colorist to begin the blonde a few inches from the roots. The locks are styled in cute beach waves that add a soft visual volume to the rich hair color. Finish the look with a shine spray to maintain the sheen of the locks.

Hollywood Inspired Brunette Hair Colors

Whenever you feel like lack of inspiration check out glamorous celebrities for the best ideas. Hollywood is full of dark-haired starlets who have already experimented with light and dark brunette hair colors. It doesn’t matter you are looking to add streaks of honey to your hair or to go for a deeper shade of brown, as here you will find the best brunette hair colors by celebs. Just flip through these professionally dyed natural manes before you head to the salon. Brunette Hair Colors Ash Brown Hair Color

It is impossible not to love Lily Colin’s ash brown hair color as it brings out her eye hue and gives pops to the bob. Accentuated eyes and lips work really well with her vintage inspired bob. Therefore ash brown hair color is an excellent option for brunettes who are looking for refreshments. It doesn’t require lots of effort to achieve a hue like this as it is still dark.

Trendiest Highlighting Techniques of 2017

Highlights are trendy like always but with the coming of spring and summer our desires of getting more dimensions tend to grow tenfold. Great hair colors may take some time and effort so it is never too early to start processing it for the upcoming season. Here we have tried to do our own research to find the best highlighting techniques of 2017 that provide a mind blowing look to anyone who decides to apply. Highlights don’t require full commitment so they are great for anyone who is not ready for radical changes.Trendiest Highlighting Techniques of 2017Lived-in Color

This technique is meant to imitate sun-kissed color. It has been inspired by the tones in natural blonde hair color. Before placing the highlights, colorist analyzes the client’s skin tone and eye color. Based on the season he decides how light or dark they should go. Then he highlights the strands creating a fake root in the process. This technique is all about blending and giving the client a natural-looking appearance.