Cute Galaxy Hair Color Ideas

Over the few seasons we have managed to see lots of colorful hair trends- rainbow hair, granny hair, pastel hair and etc. But this trend is all about galaxy hair colors. Galaxy shades always guarantee a bold and stunning look. It is a multi-tonal hair color that consists of purples, greens blues and sometimes even reds. This look is popular particularly among ladies in their early 20s although young moms also have been spotted with galaxy hair. However this trend is for everyone who is looking for a bold and edgy look. It is a time consuming and high-maintenance look that is worth to pull off. Go on reading to see best galaxy hair color looks.Cute Galaxy Hair Color IdeasGrown out Galaxy Hair

It is impossible not to love this galaxy hair that incorporates some patterns of lived-in-color trend. In this particular style the pink roots transition into blue and green shades creating a lovely color combo. This stunning style will definitely help you boost your confidence and create a cute headdress that mimics our galaxy.

Fascinating Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Thinking of a new hair color? Here are the best hair color ideas for 2018. It goes without saying that a new year brings a wide array of shades but the best ones never leave. The color trends you are going to see have always been popular. Hair colorists love to spice up these trends with a modern twist and enhance the entire look of their clients. Whether you prefer balayage, eclipting or ecaille, you may find your next hair color inspiration right among these models. Let’s move on to see what we have prepared.Fascinating Hair Color Ideas for 2018Eclipting Hair Color

Eclipting is the same contouring but for hair. Well, this technique requires placing some darker streaks around your face to make the cheeks slimmer. Everyone can use this technique to enhance their face features. Just to remind you, I will add that the technique has been popularized by Aveda Company but now it is used in numerous salons all over the world. This technique can dramatically enhance your appearance.

Peach Hair Colors for 2018

Peach hair color is having a moment right now. Peach is the most feminine hair color trend that is all in range. It goes with any hair type and it can be suited to any skin tone. If you are looking for a new bold yet ultra sexy hair color idea, just check out these pictures of peach hair colors for 2018 and you will really have something to ask for your next appointment. You are truly ready for a serious commitment? Well, let’s start!  Peach Hair Colors for 2018Pastel Colombre

Colombre requires injecting bright colors such as pastels, purples and peach shades into the ombre dye job. It is a rainbow version of traditional ombre. Well, in this look the color starts from the middle part of the locks and fades into the ends creating a lovely ombre effect. The best thing is that the technique brings out peachy hues making the headdress edgy yet sexy.

Delicious Macaroon Hair Color Ideas

Hair trends come and go but the best ones stay. Today we are going to discuss macaroon hair colors that are not only bold but also chic and fun. Behind this lovely trend stands Shelley Gregory that has created her own style and named it “candy unicorn hair”, the other colorists draw their inspiration from the macaroon party. Lots of girls are in love with this palette so, if you are also fond of bright and vibrant pastels, check out these macaroon hair colors that I have selected using Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration. Macaroon Hair Color IdeasLovely Pastel Hair Color

Summer is close so we can finally post the best pastel hair colors ever. This multicolored look has been achieved by lifting the locks to the lightest level and then applying mint as an all over color. Then numerous vibrant highlights have been added to spice up the look. A braided updo makes a cool option to bring out the vibrancy and beauty of color combo. Well, it is a high maintenance look that requires lots of upkeep.

Hygge: Biggest Hair Color of 2018

Hygge has been created by the Scandinavians which means feeling warm and cozy. Hygge is about using the power of things like candles, furnishings and warm drink to make life a little more comfortable. Well, unexpectedly the word hygge has been introduced into the world of hair too. Probably you are surprised about this trend, and you would like to know how hair can be cozy. This trend is all about embracing warmth and injecting other shades to your hair in order to update your natural color. Warmth in hair can be achieved adding beige, gold and reddish hues. These lovely pictures of hygge hair colors for 2018 will definitely give you an idea about this trend.hygge Blonde Highlights for 2018Warm Copper

Well, not all are a natural redhead but everyone can cheat that flaming hair color. In order to avoid expensive and time consuming processes you may simply introduce a warm copper to your hair. The sun-kissed shade can be perfectly paired with loose waves. It is the best look of hygge hair color that will add a sophisticated touch to your look.

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Ideas for 2018

We have seen dozen of techniques for achieving rainbow hair. All of them are amazing but today we are going to talk about a combination of rose gold and rich brunette that creates an undeniable gorgeous look when paired together. Well, this trend is not similar to pastel unicorn hair as the final result appears more natural. The look has been created by a popular colorist Edelman. The best thing about the chocolate mauve hair color is that it is not only looks super natural, but it may last months as it is designed to allow for the roots to grow in dark. Here I have selected the best chocolate mauve hair colors for 2018.Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Ideas for 2018Dark Chocolate Mauve

Since chocolate mauve also comes in numerous shades, you will have to choose something that flatters your complexion. To achieve this particular style, ask your colorist to use a combination of rose gold and dusty lavender but the colors should be applied on pre-lightened locks to create that perfect chocolate mauve shade. It is exceptionally gorgeous when paired with a razored bob haircut.

Half and Half Hair Colors to Try Now

Half and half or split-dye job is a colorful hair trend that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Let’s remember what this technique is about. Well, it is a technique that requires coloring one half of your hair in one color and the other in totally different one. Most of females prefer to go for bold and solid color combination while others love all those edgy colors. After checking all these pictures with half and half babes it will be hard not to call your hair colorist. There are many ways to pull off the look- split-dye job doesn’t have to be super bold.Half and Half Hair Colors to Try NowGrey and Yellow Hair Color

This is the highest moment to spark and shine. It is a stunning split-dye job that makes an excellent option for expressing your nature. This vibrant color combination looks stunning due to a right choice of tones. When it comes to your haircut, you don’t have to have ultra-long strands to show off the shades, even medium-length crop is more than enough to display the dye job.

Breathtaking Pravana Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Pravana is a leading line of hair color and hair care products for skilful hair colorists. Whether you decide to go for a solid hair color or any hue of rainbow, you should consider using Pravana hair colors. The wide range of products allows you to pull of any shade you want without giving too much damage to your locks. Be that neon, pastel or solid shade, created with a Pravana hair color is guaranteed to be striking. Go on reading to see some breathtaking Pravana hair color ideas for 2018. Going bold has never been so easy!Pravana Hair Color Ideas for 2018Crazy Rainbow Braids

Can’t commit between shades? Go for a rainbow look. In this gorgeous example model’s hair begins in an inky-violet shade that melts into pink and red towards the tips. Blue, green and yellow hues come in handy to create a full rainbow look. The style is finished with double braids that add a sophisticated touch to the look. In this case, lots of upkeep is must.

Top 10 Light Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Light blonde hair color comes in a variety of different shade and this fact makes it even more wearable. The common shades of light blonde include California blonde, icy blonde, white blonde, buttery blonde and etc. Since light blonde hair colors complement almost all skin tones, choosing a right shade is not something difficult. The best thing is that with light blonde you can still inject some darker tones for extra depth and dimension. Here I have selected the best light blonde hair colors for 2018 to show off how versatile light blonde hair color can be.Light Blonde Hair Colors for 2018Silky White Blonde Lob

With white blonde hues you can create an airy look to bring out your natural glow. This incredible lob haircut is given some movement and texture using subtle beach waves. The ultra-light white hair color works well on fair skin tone when paired with the delicate flawless texture of a lob haircut. The final result is an angelic look that is worth to pull off and grab attention.

Striking Low-Maintenance Hair Colors for Everyone

Planning to update your hair color but scared of frequent touchups? Well, we are going to prove that switching up your hair color doesn’t have to be a serious commitment with lots of expenses. Here we have selected the most exciting low-maintenance hair colors without upkeep. If you are not ready refreshing your hair color, avoid reds and pastels as they tend to fade quickly. Baby blonde is another shade that requires lots of upkeep. Popular colorists recommend using conditioners and shampoos to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Most of low-maintenance hair colors are based on no-touch up highlights. Just go on reading to see some fresh ideas!Striking Low Maintenance Hair Colors for EveryoneBlack Hair Color

There is something mysterious about this striking look. It is a color to bring out your natural glow. Dark black or brown shade can be achieved without any damaging processes. Make sure to use color treatments to keep your hair healthy.