Red Hair Colors for 2017/2018

2017/2018 red hair colors are here to accessorize your long or short strands. In this category you will find the best red shades -from copper to burgundy. If you don’t feel like going all over red, highlights will come in handy. Not all females are blessed with red hair color by natural but fortunately beauty industry gives us opportunities to try whatever hair color we desire. This sophisticated hue works for any base hair color. Discover the bright red hairstyles and haircuts and add some new color into your look.

Unique Pumpkin Spice Hair Colors for 2017

At this point, when the colorists get inspired from everything, we shouldn’t be surprised by pumpkin spice hair colorsDear trendsetters pumpkin spice hair is the hottest trend of the moment. Well, let’s be honest and admit that pumpkin spice hair looks like red hair. There is not a specific shade that is or isn’t pumpkin spice. Some women prefer to go for deep auburn locks through balayage, while others want to achieve subtle strawberry blonde locks. Below you will definitely find some interesting facts about 2017 pumpkin spice hair colors.Unique Pumpkin Spice Hair Colors for 2017Pumpkin Spice and Your Skin Tone

Like picking out any new hair color, you should consider your skin complexion before committing. So here is how it works, pumpkin spice hair color with copper and orange tones makes a perfect option for fair skin complexion while honey and amber are the best for darker skin tone. It just takes subtle changes in the copper or red used, and you will definitely end up with a shade that compliments your individual skin tone.  

Copper Hair Colors for 2017

Copper hair color has always been in the center of attention and the reason behind this is that it is a super versatile hue. It is important to pick up a right tone of ginger otherwise you risk ending up with a color that looks pretty plain and boring. Copper is a distinctive shade and can enhance your overall look. While choosing a copper hue for you, take into consideration your undertones. Eye color also plays a big role. Those who have pinky or red undertones will look great wearing copper hair. Now have a look at these copper hair colors for 2017, and pick up something according to your skin tone.Copper Hair Colors for 2017Chocolate and Copper Hair

Brown and copper hair colors make a winning combination that is really warm and flattering for a lot of females. In this particular style the color grows out perfectly and the transition looks natural. The technique of applying the colors is also important. Ask your colorist to get the colors through an ombre pattern for a better effect. Style your strands in waves to bring out the beauty of the colors.

Badass Red Hair Colors

Redheads have always grabbed lots of attention. Red hair colors are extremely versatile and some of them look pretty natural including copper and auburn shades. If you are not ready to go all over red, stick with red highlights, balayage or ombre options. Before going red, the first thing to take into consideration is your skin tone. Everyone can rock red hair colors if of course it is right chosen. If you have skin with yellow or olive undertones natural and warm shades of red are the way to go. Women with cool skin tone should consider orangey tones.Badass Red Hair Color for EveryoneCherry Red Balayage

Here is the best option for ladies who prefer darker versions of red hair color. The cherry red dye has been applied to black hair through balayage technique. Classic retro curls have been jazzed up with a small bun on the side to bring out the beauty of the color. Well, it is a good option for beginners and can be easily achieved by brunettes, so if you love it, just go ahead with it!

Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Both brunettes and blondes get lots of attention but today we are going to look at some wonderful brown hair colors for 2017. Brown is a versatile hair color so you have really something to choose from a wide range of shades. In this case you will need to think whether you want to go light or dark, and only after that you can choose something sweet for you- from light biscuit to mysterious dark hues. You can even add some red or orange tones into rich mahogany and coppery. Well, you definitely need some inspiration, so go on reading to see more.Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2017Copper Carmel Hair

I have already mentioned that you can even add some red tones for a better look so here is the proof of my words. Red and brown shades go really well together and provide amazing texture for your tresses. In this particular design, the model’s locks are rosewood brown at the roots followed by a splash of caramel. Anyway the red undertones are more than visible.