Purple Hair Colors for 2017/2018

2017/2018 purple hair colors offer various sophisticated shades including lavishing lavender, purple, plum and violet tones. These shades work both on blonde and brunette base. Dark purple shades can make brunette strands pop up while blondes can opt for light purple highlights to make their locks even more charming. In this category you will find the most popular shades of purple hair colors.

Lovely Pastel Hair Color for 2017

Pastel hair colors allow you to change up your monotone and boring look into something fun. You can match your hair color to the season, or your favorite thing- candies, plants clothes and etc. There are tones of ideas for pastel hair colors for 2017 and I have included some of them in our list. You have a chance to personalize your pastel hair color according to your taste. If you are seeking for a low-maintenance look try to keep your natural hair color and get some complementing pastel highlights. Go on reading to see some cool ideas.Lovely Pastel Hair Color for 2017Frozen Pastel Hair Color

Blonde makes an excellent canvas for various hair colors particularly pastels. These long locks have blue and purple streaks that look great on white blonde hair. Match this hair color with your outfit to create an eye-catching and striking look. Don’t forget to give your stands some incredible waves to finish the look. A hairstyle like this will definitely set you apart from the others.

Dark Purple Hair Colors

Dark purple hair colors are bold, edgy and unique. There is a group of females who have always dreamt of pulling off purple hair colors but they feared to commit. Dark purple shade doesn’t grab as much attention as pastel purples, so they can be a good start. Stunning dark hues of purple flatter almost all skin tones and look great when achieved through balayage technique. There are really numerous ways to experiment with dark purple hues. You can pair them with other natural and unnatural hair colors for a better effect. Check out our gallery to get inspiration from.Dark Purple Hair ColorsDark Purple and Violet

This gorgeous style comes from panting dark purple shade as the dominant color and then enhancing the look with violet tones for a really unique style. Since the color is already pretty chic and sophisticated, you don’t have to put extra effort to achieve an amazing look. Just sweep your strands back and create an effortless half up half down style to finish the style.

Sensational Blue-Purple Hair Colors for 2017

There are so many ways to pull off blue-purple hair colors- from ombres to highlights there is a style to match every girl. Purple and blue hues complement each other while creating a lovely headdress. If two tones are not enough for you, add some other hues for a really unique look. If you have ever been dreaming about purple and blue hair colors here are some sensational bluepurple hair colors for 2017 that will encourage you to dye your locks in this sophisticated hair color.Sensational Blue-Purple Hair Colors for 2017Blue Purple Color Melt

This look is all about pretty purple and blue shades that have been perfectly melt into each other to create a harmonious hairstyle. Pale blue with the mixture of lavender and cornflower blue cover most of the locks. This multidimensional look can be achieved with the help of highlights that complement each other. Braided hair gives a mermaid feel to this style.

Magenta Hair Colors for 2017

Inspiration comes from everywhere- food, stones, paintings and etc. Your hair color can have the look of your favorite thing. However when you choose a bald hair color such as magenta, you should consider the level of commitment require to maintain. Women with busy lifestyle are recommended going for solid, natural hair colors. There are numerous hues of magenta, so make sure to pick up something that suits your complexion and eye color. Actually is a mix of blue or purple and red. It is a pretty bright and eye-popping color. You can bring out its brightness through ombre pattern. Now go on reading to see some magenta hair colors for 2017.  Magenta Hair Colors for 2017Wavy Magenta Hair

Magenta hair color will transform even the simplest hairdo into something sophisticated. This simple wavy hairdo has been given extra dimension and depth though purple and magenta hues. It is a youthful headdress that is totally on trend and will make the wearer stand out in the crowd. However, you will still need to consider its maintenance.

Bold Peek-a-Boo Highlights for 2017

Hair Highlights vary from soft to bold. With simple highlighted streaks you can transform your solid hair color into something edgy and daring. If you are tired of your monotone hair color and you want to spice up your look with minimal effort here are bold peek-a-boo highlights for 2017.  The peek-a-boo colors can be applied to the bangs, sides or even on the back creating various possibilities. The choice of the color is up to you- natural, unnatural, pastels neons. If you are wondering where to begin, just go on reading.Bold Peek a Boo Highlights for 2017Golden Peek-a-Boo Highlights

Craving for classic peek-a-boo highlights, consider caramel peek-a-boo highlights on dark hair. This is the trendiest way to keep your brunette locks looking fresh. This example proves that brunettes have as much fun as blondes. However the contrast between the shades is still visible. The sunlight will definitely bring out the beauty of the colors.

Lovely Purple Hair Colors

Pastels are right in trend! If you also want to embrace this trend start from purple hair colors since they are soft and subtle. You will need to choose the right purple shade for you. The first thing to take into consideration is your skin tone. Females with warm undertones to their skin will look great with warm shades of lilac and magenta. Those with cool undertones will look better with cooler shades, like the classic pastel lavender or deep violet. Purple hairstyles require lots of maintenance because it’s hard to keep those colors in. Switch to a sulfate free shampoo that will preserve the dye.Lovely Purple Hair ColorsPurple Hair Color

If you are a beginner it will be better to start with a smoky lavender hair look. This stunning hairstyle comes from dark gray and fades into smoky lavender with bright purple tips. This color combination looks exceptionally gorgeous on females with natural-pink skin tones. Feel free to rock it both in cold winter and hot summer months.

Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Both brunettes and blondes get lots of attention but today we are going to look at some wonderful brown hair colors for 2017. Brown is a versatile hair color so you have really something to choose from a wide range of shades. In this case you will need to think whether you want to go light or dark, and only after that you can choose something sweet for you- from light biscuit to mysterious dark hues. You can even add some red or orange tones into rich mahogany and coppery. Well, you definitely need some inspiration, so go on reading to see more.Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2017Copper Carmel Hair

I have already mentioned that you can even add some red tones for a better look so here is the proof of my words. Red and brown shades go really well together and provide amazing texture for your tresses. In this particular design, the model’s locks are rosewood brown at the roots followed by a splash of caramel. Anyway the red undertones are more than visible.