Ombre Hair Colors for 2017/2018

The ombre hair color choices are based on your natural hair shade and on its length. 2017/2018 ombre hair colors are great for creating a sharper look. You can choose any shade for your ombre pattern but the delicious hues of caramel and chocolate are the best solution for ombre looks. Black ombres are meant to create a dramatic look however redheads also shouldn’t miss their chance to rock the most eye-popping red ombres.

Bold Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2018

From now on you can involve blue ombre hair colors into your “must try” list. Blue ombre hair colors have taken the world by storm. This shade comes in numerous shapes- balayage, color melt, dip-dye and everything in between. Blue can be personalized to your own taste. You can go bold or stay subtle with classic blues. You have really a wide range of choices. To help you I have compiled the most prominent blue ombre hair color ideas for 2018. Bring out your inner bold girl with these hair looks.  blue ombre hair colorsTurquoise Ombre Hair Color

When saying a blue ombre hair color the classic blue is the first thing that comes into our mind but it is the best moment to think out of the box and create a unique ombre with a lovely sub-tone of blue. Here is one of the best blue ombre looks with a turquoise shade. When it comes to blue ombres, there are innumerable shades to pick from. Thereby, consider this option!

Grombre Hair Colors in 2018

If you are still obsessed with “granny hair” trend, then you are going to love these grombre hair colors for 2018. Grombre is another version of ombre that offers a different way to play with the shades and achieve a brand new hair color. Grombre or grey ombre requires incorporating some grayish tones into your ombre style. The cool thing about this trend is that you have numerous ways to rock it. To be short, you are going to fall in love with the versatility of the color. If you are looking for a cool shade to update your look, try out one of this grombre hair colors.  Grombre Hair Colors in 2018Grombre Waves

If you are looking for an edgy hair color makeover, this grombre may be the best option to embrace this season. Muted colors create a lovely ombre design while bringing out the brunette side of the model. This color combo requires pre-lightening your locks before applying gray tones. Give your locks some retro vibes with finger waves and proudly show off your trendy hair color.

Colombre Hair Color Ideas

It is really a year of crazy-bright hair colors and you don’t have to give up on an idea to rock a new rainbow-hued hair color. It seems everyone- from models to popular celebrities and inspirational beauty bloggers – has experimented with unnatural hues. It is totally normal to see someone walking down the street with rainbow-colored strands. Sand art, colorblocked hair or pixelated dye jobs have already taken the Instagram. If you have always been obsessed with these trends, then you will definitely love the biggest colorful hair trend with the name colombre. Colombre hair color has widely been popularized all over the world!Colombre Hair Color IdeasWell, it would be a big lie if we say that colombre is a brand new phenomenon. Colombre is actually an updated version of your favorite ombre patterns. The traditional ombre requires keeping the roots darker and gradually getting lighter as they reach the tips. Now instead of dying your locks in a single monotone shade, you may go for a colorful combination of pastel and rainbow shades. Well, colombre provides a totally different look so you will not confuse it with unicorn effect or sand art hair.

Silver Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Silver ombre hair color is superb, stunning and nearly metallic plus it is the best inclusion to the ever-changing hair styling sphere. Actually ombre is a simple color design but you can always personalize it to your taste. Silver hue makes an excellent option for any ombre pattern. Apart from this it is a bold shade that you can combine with any other hue to create a charming look. Silver looks good on any hair length so if you are looking for something chic for formal or casual below you will see a picture gallery of silver ombre hair colors for 2017.Silver Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Dark Brown to Silver

Silver is a stunning shade that works well with almost any hair color whether it is dark or light. In this particular look the ombre starts with a lovely dark brown shade then transitions to the spiffy silver towards the tips for some contrast. These shades combined together create a dimensional look that can be enhanced by a choppy haircut.

Peach Hair Highlights for 2017

Life is all about making smart decisions and realizing them. Dreamy peach hair highlights are incredible for turning your hair in pastel, non-natural hair color while still maintaining your natural hair color that is solid and classy. In modern world you don’t have to change up your entire hair color to look stunning. Place some hair highlights through your locks to give you a fresh new look without changing too much. These peach hair highlights for 2017 are meant to accessorize your dark or light locks. Read on to find your style.Peach Hair Highlights for 2017Sombre with Peach Highlights

If you are looking for the ways to revamp your bronde hair color, consider peach hair highlights. These highlights will take your entire look a step further. Well, peach highlights are subtle enough that people might not notice at first but the waves or curls will bring the peach highlights to life through volume and body. It is a lovely style to rock!

Flamboyage Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Here is another cool hair color treatment for women to embrace. Meet flamboyage! This technique is not quite new but it is gaining popularity due to the stunning results. There are so many hair color techniques that make women confuse everything. Flamboyage is not balayage neither ecaille. Today we are going to define this technique and see some flamboyage hair color ideas for 2017. After checking these pictures you will also want to rock one of these amazing hair colors. If you are ready let’s start!Flamboyage Hair Color Ideas for 2017What is Flamboyage? Probably this is the first question that you would give your colorist. Flamboyage is a French freehand hair coloring technique that is available in many popular salons around the world. The technique has been popularized by Italian hair colorists and hairstylist Angelo Seminara. Well, due to him we have a new way to apply the tones throughout the strands.

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Two tone hair colors define women’s confident and strong nature. Tow tone hair colors may involve both solid and unnatural hues. You can even incorporate some hair highlights in a sombre or omber pattern. Having a hair color that uses more than one shade will make you stand out in the crowd. Apart from this, with the help of tow tone hair color you can make you hairdo more detailed. However sometimes it may seem really hard to commit between the shades because you can’t be sure that the hues will work for you. Look through these pictures of two-tone hair color ideas for 2017 to get inspiration on what you can achieve.Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017Mahogany to Copper Ombre

Well, going for various hues is a fantastic option, but you should be super careful while choosing the colors. This particular design is great for any lady with long hair. The color combo is all about transitioning from mahogany to copper to create a stunning ombre style. The long hair is styled stick straight that you will also need to sweep back for a better look.

Black Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Black has always been a solid and classy hue. It can be flattering for everyone. But sometimes this color may seem pretty boring and plain. In such cases ombres and highlights come in handy. Black makes an excellent canvas for various shades. 2017 black ombre hair colors are all about vibrant and solid hues. Black ombre is great for females who are not ready for full commitment. Long hair is totally plus for black ombre since this color technique requires some length to do a fade particularly black dip dyes although short hair owners also can rock this trend.Black Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Black to Brown Ombre

Ombre for black hair can have a sophisticated and chic look. This ombre hair color is great if you want to lighten up your natural hair without going bold. In this particular style dark brown hair has been spiced up with brown highlights to create an ombre effect. It is a low-maintenance color that looks good on medium-length haircut. Bangs are added to frame the face and create a cute headdress.

Red Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Females who decide to go for red ombre looks either seek for attention or want to add some cool vibes to their daily hairstyle. Red ombre patterns can be pretty impressive, vivid and somehow bold. There are red ombre designs suitable for all complexions, so you will definitely find something to match your skin tone. The colorists recommend choosing a tone depending on your hair color and preferences. If you want to know more, just go on reading and find the most appealing red ombre hair colors for 2017.

Red Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Blunt Red Bob

Choppy blunt haircuts are so in trend! Any hair color will look better with a wispy bob haircut. This particular style is the best proof of my words. The astonishing color comes from a burgundy that melts into a honey and caramel blonde towards the tips. It is a sophisticated and chic hair color that is totally worth your effort, time and money. This color will give an extra pop to your strands.

Modern Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Although ombre is here for a couple of seasons, it is still in mainstream. Ombre gives a unique opportunity to express yourself and bring out the best of your features. Most women prefer an ombre because it is stunning, low-maintenance and can hide some hair imperfections. With a professionally done ombre you can add visual thickness to your locks while making them appear more dimensional. Ombres can look either bold or subtle- the choice is up to you. Today’s ombres tend to look more elegant and natural but you can still combine your favorite tones to achieve the best ombre look. We have decided to represent some modern ombre hair colors for 2017 that are simply irresistible.Modern Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Red Ombre

When red and black shades are not paired correctly you may look too unnatural, consequently the choice of right tones is extremely important. This particular ombre dye job requires gradually fading dark hair into a lighter vibrant shade. If you decide to keep the roots dark, you will not have to worry about grown out roots. You may take this picture as the best example of red ombre.