Hair Color Ideas Hair Colors for 2017/2018

Top 10 Eclipting Hair Colors in 2018

Ombre hair color just got a new update. Get ready for the upcoming seasons with eclipting hair colors in 2018. This trend breathes a new life to the hair coloring industry. Well, the technique can be adopted by any woman out there. You are definitely going to love this trend as it is meant to enhance your face features. But before that we will provide you with information you would like to know about this technique. You have really something to ask your colorist in your next appointment.Top 10 Eclipting Hair Colors in 2018Creator of Eclipting Technique: Well, everyone is curious to know who is standing behind this genuine color technique. Hair eclipting has been developed by the artistic director Ian Michael Black at Aveda Company. The colorist worked with popular blogger Luanna Perez-Garreaud transforming her locks into a fiery burst of reds and blondes using eclipting hair technique. Blogger Luanna Perez-Garreaud got even more popularity due to her locks because everyone wanted to create a juicy look like this.

Color-Melting Hair Color Ideas

There are limitless techniques to apply the color to your locks. All of them are amazing and provide a different look. Today we are going to talk about another hair dying technique that is known as color melt. Color-melting hair colors should be on your must-try list for the upcoming season as they are simply irresistible. In order to have an idea about this technique I have selected some pictures of these hair colors. I am sure you will definitely find something suitable for your nature.Color-Melting Hair Color IdeasColor-Melting Technique

Thing that you need to know about this technique is that it injects the highlights into the base color in a way that looks pretty subtle and soft. In a word the technique doesn’t require using harsh lines. It provides the same effect whether you decide to go blonde or pastel. The following picture shows the soft transition of the shades that makes it hard to understand where the color starts and ends.

Different Shades of Grey Hair Color for 2018

Blonde and brunette hair colors have always been in the center of attention. Never expect that these two shades will ever go out of the trend. But there is something irresistible about grey hair color. Somehow it is also a natural hair color as with the passage of time we all go grey. Most of females prefer to hide graying hair while others are ready to embrace it. However gray is a color for females of different age groups. This lovely shade has taken the internet by storm. Below I have compiled different shades of grey hair color for 2018.Shades of Grey Hair Color for 2018Grey Hair with Silver Finish

With a color like this you will never ever go wrong. It is a look both for young ladies and adult women. To create this sparkling hair color, you will want to have lengthy hair as the color requires longer hair for better demonstration. Ask your colorist to opt for an ash brown base that gradually transitions into yellow-blonde at the mid length and ends up with a hint of silver. Loose waves add dimension to the look.

2018 “Gloss Smudging” Hair Colors

Like always, hair colorists try to find new ways to achieve natural-looking hair colors. This fact allows us thinking that natural looks are still appreciated. Here we have another trend created by colorist Kari Hill at Meche Salon. Hill is a popular blonde colorist at L.A. She explains that this process can be done by any colorist out there. Well, in this article we have sorted out 2018 gloss smudging hair colors. We have also done out own research to provide you all information you would love to know about gloss smudging coloring process.2018 Gloss Smudging Hair ColorsWhat is gloss smudging? Well, you are probably interested to know what this technique is about. While talking with Keri Hill she explained that is meant to take out the deliberate look of highlight at the root. This technique works exceptionally well when going lighter although brunettes can try it out as well. Gloss smudging is beneficial both for brunettes and blondes.

Unique Icy Blue Hair Colors

It is not a secret that there are numerous hair colors to choose from. By saying numerous hair colors we don’t mean only sub-tones of red, blonde or brown. We mean all those rainbow hues out there, and blue is just one of them. It is a ravishing unnatural shade that can be adopted by any girl out there. There are still various shades of blue that you will still love to sport. Today we are going to talk about icy blue hair colors that are pretty light. Icy blue hair colors can be worn by ladies who want to experiment with aqua hair. Let’s hope you will love the pictures that I have included.Unique Icy Blue Hair ColorsTeal Hair Color

It is an icy blue hairstyle that is a great option for ladies who are not ready to go for an almost-white look. It is still pretty bold but it has the feel of pastel shades. This blue hair color is high maintenance that is totally worth your time and money. The color looks incredible in braided styles. Use color-treatments to keep your color fresh and healthy.

Hollywood-Inspired Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

This cool-toned blonde is having a moment right now. It flatters numerous skin tones and eye colors. The key to achieve a perfect ash-y look is to keep the roots dark and gradually blend into a lighter shade of blonde. Contrasting roots enhance both warm and cool complexions. Should I mention that it is a low-maintenance look? Literally any hair color can be paired with darker roots. I have tried to gather Hollywood-inspired ash blonde hair colors for 2017. If you haven’t chosen a blonde shade yet, have a look at these pictures!Hollywood-Inspired Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Ashy Highlights

It is not necessary to go for full commitment because some cool-toned ash highlights through your blonde hair are more than enough to make your light eyes pop up. Gorgeous Jennifer Aniston’s colorists used this method to bring out the best of her complexion. The ash-y highlights still create contrast with deep roots.

Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

If you are a lady who wants to know how it feels like to be a redhead without going too light, you should consider darker red shades. Basically darker versions of red are auburn, burgundy or wine tones. The best thing is that you can still show off your brunette side while rocking a hot red hair color. Dark tones come in various shades and shapes just ensure that you don’t have a monochromatic hair color. We have sorted out some dark red hair colors that are not bold at all. Just check them out!Dark Red Hair Color Ideas Red Violet hair Color

Red and violet shades create a gorgeous combination on any hair length. This look is not for ladies who want to achieve a contrasting look. The natural appeal comes from the colors blended through balayage technique. This deep red tone gives extra dimension and depth to the look. It is a brilliant idea both for long and medium length hair.

Red-Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Some hair colors may provide a bold look when paired together- red and blonde combination is just one of them. These two shades are meant to add extra warmth to your style. With red-blonde color combo you are going to be in the center of attention. In case if you are looking for a more natural appeal, blend the shades through balayage or ombre. There are lots of ways to rock these two hair colors together as there are numerous sub-tones. Check out these pictures of red blonde hair color ideas for 2017 to get inspired from.Red Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017Brown with Pop of Blonde and Red

Want to achieve a rich and classic color combo for your short bob haircut? Here is a style that features blonde and red streaks throughout brown locks. Ask your colorist to add a hint of ash blonde in champagne babylights. Style the bob in a way to show off a deep shade of rose red. You can enhance your texture by styling your locks in a messy style.

5 Must-Have Mahogany Hair Colors

Mahogany is considered being a shade of red that has purple undertones. If you are planning to upgrade you look, join the mahogany brown crowd. The best thing about mahogany hair is that it flatters both cool and warm skin complexions. Any haircut gets a sophisticated touch with a mahogany hair color. Actually you have a chance to choose between reddish-brown and purple-brown tones. Here I have sorted out 5 must-have mahogany hair colors that involve both reddish and purplish tones. If you are ready to see all of them, let’s start!Mahogany Hair ColorsLight Mahogany Brown Hair

This light mahogany brown hair color demonstrates the latest trends. It is a bit extreme shade that came to prove that modern solid hair colors can be paired with unnatural pastels for a unique look. However this ravishing hair color is somewhere in between chocolate and scarlet with a hint of purple thrown throughout the strands.

Elegant Brown Hair Colors for 2017

Sub-tones of brown hair color are as exciting as blonde shades. Every sweet shade is involved into the list of brown hair colors- chocolate brown, caramel brown, cappuccino brown, espresso brown and etc. Here we have tried to compile only the top brown hair colors for 2017. Even blondes can be tempted by these incredible hues and go brown. The skin tone is the most important part to consider. The best thing is that there are brown hair colors for all women out there. However all brunette are welcome to update their look with the latest dark brown hair colors.Elegant Brown Hair Colors for 2017Red Brown Hair Color

This hair color is a gorgeous blend of cooper and dark warm undertones that create a mahogany hair color when mixed up. It is a universally appealing hair color that can be adopted by everyone. Ask your colorist to give your locks a high shine, for a better look. Note that carefree and effortless waves expectedly bring out the color. Any brunette can easily achieve this particular style.