Blonde Hair Colors for 2017/2018

Girls with blonde strands look pretty feminine and tender. 2017/2018 blonde hair colors offer a wide choice of tones. Platinum and sandy blondes have made a real splash! Honey blonde, butter blonde, dark blonde are there to make you even more flattering. It is not necessary to go all over blonde, when you can change the appearance of your hair color with the help of blonde highlights. Here limitless solid and multidimensional blonde hair colors are waiting for you.

Hair Colors To Go For This Year

Warm days call for beach blonde, balayage shades. If you are here it means you are seeking a new shade for the upcoming warm days. Well, whether you are leaning toward going lighter with blonde or transitioning into a rich brunette, we have got the right amount of inspo you will need for your new makeover. Just to give you short info about the latest trends, we should say that the celebrities mostly move forward the natural shades opting for the ones that lighten and flatter their skin. However, brighter shades are also in trend. Just take your time and check the pictures we have selected for you. Peachy Metallic Hair Color 

Even though we have talked about the natural hues, that are highly popular among celebrities, we can’t forget about unusual shades that are also required. This peachy metallic is seductive all the way. This metallic hair color plays up with the coral that is woven with highlights. All these shades bring us back to the rose gold hair trend that we are in love with forever. Achieve this tasty shade and stand out in the crowd. 

Grammy Awards: Best Hair Colors from Red Carpet

Grammy Awards has never disappointed in the beauty industry. Everything from luxurious dresses to incredible hairstyles and makeup ideas is in the center of attention. Gorgeous celebrities are inspiring not only for ordinary people but also stylists around the world. Well, if you are here to get some interesting ideas for your new hair color makeover then check these amazing hair colors from Grammy awards. Feel free to take the right amount of inspiration you need. Dark Brunette Hair Color 

Cabello looked romantic with a low ponytail. Her ultra dark brunette locks don’t look dull or plain because of highlights placed throughout the locks. Indeed, this iconic style is the best for brunettes who think that having dark hair is not fun. Ask your hair colorist for some hair highlights throughout your locks and enjoy your brunette hair. 

Biggest Hair Colors for this Spring

As the season changes and the weather gets warmer, you want to switch up your beauty routine. Caring about your hair is just a part of your beauty routine. Stylish hair color and hairstyle may completely change up your appearance, so it is definitely worth going for some changes. If you need some help, then look to these celebrities for the best guidance. Find the look that can be both trendy and flattering, eye-catching and manageable. If you are ready, then go ahead with the biggest hair colors for this spring. Pretty Pastels 

Pretty pastels are in a theme like always. According to the popular hair colorists, pastels will make a comeback, but they will be even more faded and white. Talking about a hair color like this, Lady Gaga and Khloe Kardashian. If you are in love with soft blues and feminine pinks, then prepare yourself to see them a lot. If you want to get the stylish version of the shade, make sure that you don’t have yellow undertones throughout your hair. 

The Secret Behind Kylie Jenner’s Hair Colors

It is more than a fact that celebrities often play with wings to change their looks immediately without a high commitment. Well, a wig is a great idea when you are run out of time. But compared with other celebrities Kylie Jenner has gone a bit further having her own collection of numerous wigs. Her mani for different hair colors, makes the world rethink about their looks again and again. Indeed, this young lady has a great influence on the world. Go on reading and get the secret behind Kylie Jenner’s hair colors. Platinum Blonde Hair Color 

When Kylie popped up with platinum hair, eveeryone was like how she got this amazing shade, but no one could guess that it is just a wig. So easy, you don’t need to bleach your hair, waste your time, money plus damage your locks. Indeed, getting a wig is easier than change the color of your hair, but it is important to apply it right not to make it clear that it is fake hair. 

Abolutely Stunning Honey Blonde Hair Colors for 2019

Honey blonde hair colors are still in the center of attention. The tones give a perfect balance to women with blonde and brown hair seeking an update for their strands. Honey shades are often paired with hair highlights. Highlights are in because they add extra dimension and depth through the strands. Check these pictures of honey blonde hair colors for 2019 and get your own way of rocking the tone. Golden Blonde Balayage for Straight Hair 

Straight locks get even more depth and dimension when paired with honey blonde hair color. The key to this look is an excellent way of placing hair highlights throughout the strands. As long as you have a skillful hair colorist you will achieve a great effect. Note that the highlights look better with peek-a-boo bangs and a blown out hair such as seen in this picture. 

Hollywood’s Favorite Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Hollywood is a huge source of inspiration for fashionistas and stylists from all around the world. Waiting to see new styles is something they are excited about. We also try to keep up with A-listers. Today we have included Hollywood’s favorite ombre hair colors that involve everything from subtle transitions to high-contrasting colors that are mixed in endless ombre looks. Read on and get a major hair inspo.  I assure you, it is impossible to go wrong with these amazing hair color ideas. Brunette Ombre Hair Color 

Chrissy Teigen is a true inspiration both for brunettes and blondes. This time she rocks a brunette ombre with caramel ends. With this ombre you don’t have to choose in between blonde and brunette hues since the combination of these tones will definitely make you feel both. Apart from being trendy, this ombre is also low-maintenance, just because of untouched dark roots. 

Hair Color Ideas That Will Always Be Huge

2018th gave us lots of swoon-worthy hair color and haircut trends. Maybe some of them will disappear in the upcoming seasons but there are hair color ideas that will always be huge. Here are the top 5 we have fallen in love with- from sweet lilac to bold raven black. Before everyone thinks what to rock to make a fashion statement, get a step forward and wear one of these amazing color trends. If you are ready to see them, then let’s start. Incredible Lilac Hair Color 

If the streets and runways of fashion mean something for you, then lilac is the prettiest thing you need to copy for yourself. Surprisingly, lilac is easy to get due to its color-correcting blue undertones which give skin an overall brighter appearance. But it is important to talk to your hair colorist about your complexion and not only. Note that it is a bright shade so you are going to be in the center of attention. 

Hair Colors Suggested by Celebrities

If you are ready to change your hair color, then draw your inspiration from these hair colors suggested by your favorite celebrities. Indeed, stylists and Instagram influencers are always inspiring the latest hair color tendencies. Today we have put together our favorites, whether they are blondes, redheads or brunettes. Indeed, you will find your look among these beauties. Rise Gold Hair Color 

Rose gold hair color is something that is always in trend. However, it is an amazing shade for the fall even though this fall is more about the updated version of the ever-popular rose gold shade. Celebrities’ hair colorist offers to add a fresh touch with a subtle copper undertone. Those who are more into darker hues should consider the darker version since both are popular. 

Striking Hair Colors for Everyone

Regardless of your preferences, you always have something to choose from a wide range of shades from fall and winter color palettes. If you are here it means you know that a hair color defines your nature, so choosing something that is yours is crucial. I should mention that we have included some ideas for bold girls as well. If you are ready to check the pictures that we have included, then let’s not waste even a second. We hope that you will like the looks that we have selected for you, taking runway models as the best inspiration.Neon Hair Colors 

Whether you are impressed or not but neon hair colors are trendy like nothing else. Particularly, pastel neon is having a moment right now. The look is maybe hard to get but it is hard not to love is as well. This year we can see that neon pastels are paired with bold bobs. The tasteful look created by the trends is nothing but chic. If you are a bold girl then you should definitely try this version of boldness. 

Flannel is the Newest Hair Color Trend of 2019

When we were about thinking that there couldn’t be anything new, Instagram bloggers popped up with a new trend that is no less impressive. If you are ready to see the new trend, then meet flannel: the newest hair color of 2019. This fabulous trend is for blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Check the pictures to get a better idea about it. Mulled Wine Hair Color 

We offer you to brighten up your mulled wine mane, with some incredible bold tones of fire. These tones will not only provide with a whole new hair color but also add extra dimension and texture to your hair. It is a great idea for those that are into red hues. The best thing about all these is that it is a totally no-commitment look. Don’t hesitate to try it for this fall.