Black Hair Colors for 2017/2018

2017/2018 dark black hair colors are meant to bring out your inner queen. You will always have a refined look with this solid hue whether it is blue black, raven black or jet black. You can draw your inspiration from celebrities who are also in love with this natural and neutral hue. Black hair color is a perfect option for ladies with dark to light skin complexions. Just view our picture gallery of black hair colors to find all information you want.

Solid Black Hair Colors for 2017

Black is the color of elegance and beauty. It is a universally appealing shade as most of females have natural black hair. According to the colorists women, who change their mind often should stay away from this dark hue. To pull off a dark shade such as black you will need to use permanent or semi-permanent hair color. Regardless the natural hair hue, applying a permanent deep black hair color to your locks will turn any single hair into deep-black. Being a solid and monotone hue black hair still has its own magic and grabs attention. However it is important to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Here are some black hair colors for 2017 that will stun everyone.Solid Black Hair Colors for 2017There are some important points that you should take into consideration before applying any shade of black- be that jet black, blue black, raven black or reddish black. So, if you have very light complexion, coloring your locks jet black with blue sheen will provide you a Snow White look-alike. Keep in your mind that jet black highlights light skin complexions. It looks exceptionally stunning when paired with red lipstick.

Half and Half Hair Color Ideas

Half and half hair color technique came to prove that two tone hair colors look better than one. This technique is different from ombre, balayage and dip dye. It requires dividing your mane the middle and coloring each side a different shade. However you shouldn’t forget that coloring your hair is a serious commitment so when it comes to coloring make sure that you have a professional colorist. Almost most of split or half and half hair colors are high-maintenance and require lots of care and attitude. Below you will see some half and half hair colors that look insanely awesome.Brown and Blonde Half and Half Hair Color Purple and Teal Half and Half Hair Color

Purple and teal combination is pretty bold, edgy, wild but still very beautiful. Who wouldn’t love to have a hair color like this? With these chic tones you don’t have to do anything else rather than giving your locks a simple center-part styling. The waves will enhance your look while creating a lovely style. However you will need to go for touchups every three to five weeks.

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Two tone hair colors define women’s confident and strong nature. Tow tone hair colors may involve both solid and unnatural hues. You can even incorporate some hair highlights in a sombre or omber pattern. Having a hair color that uses more than one shade will make you stand out in the crowd. Apart from this, with the help of tow tone hair color you can make you hairdo more detailed. However sometimes it may seem really hard to commit between the shades because you can’t be sure that the hues will work for you. Look through these pictures of two-tone hair color ideas for 2017 to get inspiration on what you can achieve.Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017Mahogany to Copper Ombre

Well, going for various hues is a fantastic option, but you should be super careful while choosing the colors. This particular design is great for any lady with long hair. The color combo is all about transitioning from mahogany to copper to create a stunning ombre style. The long hair is styled stick straight that you will also need to sweep back for a better look.

Black Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Black has always been a solid and classy hue. It can be flattering for everyone. But sometimes this color may seem pretty boring and plain. In such cases ombres and highlights come in handy. Black makes an excellent canvas for various shades. 2017 black ombre hair colors are all about vibrant and solid hues. Black ombre is great for females who are not ready for full commitment. Long hair is totally plus for black ombre since this color technique requires some length to do a fade particularly black dip dyes although short hair owners also can rock this trend.Black Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Black to Brown Ombre

Ombre for black hair can have a sophisticated and chic look. This ombre hair color is great if you want to lighten up your natural hair without going bold. In this particular style dark brown hair has been spiced up with brown highlights to create an ombre effect. It is a low-maintenance color that looks good on medium-length haircut. Bangs are added to frame the face and create a cute headdress.

Katy Perry’s Best Hair Color Moments

Katy Perry has always impressed us with her catchy tones and her tendencies of rocking pastel or rainbow – bright hair colors. She has personalized every shade by making it look totally natural. Whether you believe or not but Katy Perry’s mane has been colored in all shades of rainbow. However she looks gorgeous in solid hues too- everyone loves to see her with raven black hair color that compliments her skin complexion. Her ever-changing hair is a matter of discussion for many bloggers. Today we will focus on Katy Perry’s best hair color moments that will always remain in our memories.Katy Perry’s Best Hair Color MomentsBrunette Hair

Being a hot brunette is the first degree of Katy Perry. She looks so sexy with her black long locks and brow-gazing bangs. This deep brunette shade flatters her skin tone while bringing out the beauty of her eye color and face features. Effortless styling and a hot red lipstick makes her look fuller. Katy Perry simply rocks this solid brunette hue by inspiring others to go natural.

Blue Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Ombre hair colors have been around us for many years but the latest versions of this delightful pattern has started to use even more daring colors. Now ladies have a unique chance to channel their inner mermaids and fairies by sporting extravagant ombre hair colors. To help you realize your desires we have listed some blue ombre hair colors for 2017 that are bold yet ultra-feminine. However to get a perfect result you need a good colorist/stylist and a shade of blue that you like.Blue Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Black to Turquoise Ombre

If you have a short haircut you can still bring out your inner mermaid with the help of a right hair color. Here is a gorgeous ombre pattern that comes from transitioning dark black to dark turquoise towards the tips. The remarkable thing about this style is how it features two distinct shades. Note that the ombre looks good on cropped locks too. However, it will be better to trust its realization to a professional.  

Dark Blue Black Hair Colors for 2017

If you belong to the group of brunettes who are not ready to light up their locks, then you are in the right place as we are going to represent another dark shade for brunettes. Blue black hair colors for 2017 are there to inject some attitude into your style. This color combination can make for a really chic look. You can pull off blue black hair from the office to the party and have you looking totally fabulous for different occasions. It changes its look in different lighting and provides hair with great depth and shine. The darkest blue black color will give a high gloss that is amazing. Dark Blue Black Hair Colors for 2017Blue Black Highlights

Adding some cool highlights to a simple lob haircut will introduce life into your look. Those blue pieces are really fantastic for this haircut. Apart from the cut, the sheen of the strands is also catchy. This blue-black headdress will allow you to go bold without lightening your strands. It is important to use a right technique to get the best of the shade.