Rose Hair Colors by Celebrities

Rose hair- the pinkish blonde hair color is amongst the most popular hues that one may sport. It is not only popular among women but also men, just remember Zayn Malik. The hue is super feminine and it can be customized to anyone’s complexion. Here are the most beautiful celebrities that prove your favorite beverage works as a hair color. Go through our article and choose the most beautiful rose hair color by celebrities. I am pretty sure you are going to love these ideas. Half-Blonde Half-Rose Hair Color 

Nicki Minaj is never shy away from experimental hair colors.  She has tried almost all crazy hues under the sun including green, blue, red etc. She shocked everyone when popped up with a hair color that was partly blonde and partly rose. Her barbie-inspired look was inspiring for every woman sicking attention and something different. If you are a woman with a bold nature then you are going to love this style too. Subtle Pink Hair Color 

Behind Bella Hadid’s subtle pink fade stands a professional hair colorist who knows how to play up with pink shades. As you can see pink is not only for light-haired ladies, even if you have dark roots, you can still play up with the tone. If you are nervous to commit totally to pink hair then let rose ombre serve as the best inspiration for yourself. You are going to love this style. Lovely Pink Hair 

It is impossible to pass through this amazing pink. It is just irresistible! Cara has switched up pink hair that gives her a fairy appearance. This ultra-girly look is what you need to stand out in the crowd. You can never go wrong with a chic pink like this. Indeed, there are many ways to add a bit more charm to your hair, what if you consider cutting off your hair super short? 

Photo Credits: Color Ideas