All the Secrets of Unicorn Hair Colors

The women of the 21st century are bold enough to try the brightest shades under the sky. Professionals have discovered new ways your vivid colored locks can look. Indeed, having a vivid hair color is a way to draw attention and speak up about your nature. In case if you want to find out everything about the vivid and eye-catching hair colors including unicorns then you are in the right place in the right moment. Keep reading and know all the secrets of unicorn hair colorsHow to Find a Perfect Vivid Color 

Sometimes women are looking for a specific hair color that doesn’t suit their total look. In some cases, it would be better to mix the color with other hues from warm to cool tones depending on your skin tone and eye color. Compared with other hues unicorn hair colors are a bit difficult to match because of the capricious undertones. However, you can always be sure that there is a hue for your complexion, just do your best to find it. 

The Biggest Hair Coloring Techniques Right Now 

It is not a secret that every day new hair coloring techniques are pop up but with the new techniques “Melting” keeps being one of the most popular ones because the result produced by this technique is just amazing. Blending one shade into another one seamlessly is a great way to create a mermaid look. This season we have seen lots of vivid shades that are gone viral. You may choose the ones that are close to your heart. The Harshest Thing About Vivid Hair Colors 

Indeed, the harshest thing about vivid hair colors is that you have to bleach your hair. It goes without saying that it is simply impossible to have a vivid shade throughout your locks without bleaching your hair. So, prepare yourself to some harsh process that somehow damage your locks. Ask your hair colorist for products that give minimal damage to your strands. unicorn hair

Photo Credits: Color Ideas