Hollywood’s Favorite Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Hollywood is a huge source of inspiration for fashionistas and stylists from all around the world. Waiting to see new styles is something they are excited about. We also try to keep up with A-listers. Today we have included Hollywood’s favorite ombre hair colors that involve everything from subtle transitions to high-contrasting colors that are mixed in endless ombre looks. Read on and get a major hair inspo.  I assure you, it is impossible to go wrong with these amazing hair color ideas. Brunette Ombre Hair Color 

Chrissy Teigen is a true inspiration both for brunettes and blondes. This time she rocks a brunette ombre with caramel ends. With this ombre you don’t have to choose in between blonde and brunette hues since the combination of these tones will definitely make you feel both. Apart from being trendy, this ombre is also low-maintenance, just because of untouched dark roots.  High-Contrast Ombre Hair Color 

Vanessa Hudgens came to prove that you don’t need to have long hair to have a flawless ombre look. This high-contrast ombre is a sign that you never fear to go for changes. However, this look requires bleaching your hair to the lightest level. The transition from dark to ultra-light should be right done, otherwise the effect will not be so impressive. Make sure that your hairstylist provides you with the best effect.  Ombre Hair Color for Texture 

The best thing about ombre is that you can add a visual texture to your hair. If you don’t believe, have a look at Elizabeth Olsen. She never needs extra volume since her ombre adds the illusion of texture to her waves. It is a beneficial for all those who want to make their hair appear fuller and thicker. It is your turn to show off your true love towards ombre designs. Natural Fade from Dark to Light

Who said that ombre is all about a bold transition from dark to light. If it is not something you want, then try the one that is faded from natural dark to light in a subtle way. Here is Alessandra Ambrosio with her example. She wears a natural fade from dark to light brown. Even if the shade is not bold, it is still fresh and trendy. Of you want to keep your hair in style, then this ombre is for you. 

Photo Credits: Omg Hair Colors