Hair Colors that You Will Still See in 2019

For every girl, choosing a hair color is the hardest thing because a hair color defines your nature. 2019 is close, and you need to think about finding a new shade. Indeed, some colors will still be popular but that doesn’t mean that hair colorists will not think about new tones. We have put together some interesting shade, that you will see in 2019 as well. Check them out and you will not regret your choice. Amber Slate 

Go for a cozy space in between honey blonde, red and chrome. This amber slate is here from 70’s and it is absolutely amazing. It is essential ally a handful tone for those with cool base and warm tones mixed. It suits all skin tones, so you can rock the color for any season of the year including autumn of winter. You can’t go wrong with this amazing shade. 

Futuristic Tones 

Futuristic tones are stand out. After those opal shades, colorists think about other ways to grow and futuristic tones are the greatest example. Put into light hair color, you can make the shade much cleaner and paler than we have been able. It is all about blonde and grey tones. Mixing cool and warm tones on one head so this mix also works for all skin tones. Indeed, it is a worthy shade, and you can try it for yourself. Color Texture and Free-Hand Painting 

Different hair color techniques have been used to create marvelous hair colors. Indeed, getting an unnatural shade has never been easy as you need to bleach your hair to the lightest shade and apply your favorite tone. Here is a rose gold that is forever in trend and you can’t go wrong with it. You may ask your hair colorist for multiple tones throughout your rose gold hair. Peach Hair Color 

Peach is the next among the trendiest hues. It is the most feminine shade of the season. It is a capricious shade so you need to make sure that it works for your skin tone and eye color. We highly recommend you consult with your hair colorist. Peach works best on warm skin tone but it doesn’t mean that having cool skin will not allow you to rock the shade. You can’t go wrong with this shade.