Striking Hair Colors for Everyone

Regardless of your preferences, you always have something to choose from a wide range of shades from fall and winter color palettes. If you are here it means you know that a hair color defines your nature, so choosing something that is yours is crucial. I should mention that we have included some ideas for bold girls as well. If you are ready to check the pictures that we have included, then let’s not waste even a second. We hope that you will like the looks that we have selected for you, taking runway models as the best inspiration.Neon Hair Colors 

Whether you are impressed or not but neon hair colors are trendy like nothing else. Particularly, pastel neon is having a moment right now. The look is maybe hard to get but it is hard not to love is as well. This year we can see that neon pastels are paired with bold bobs. The tasteful look created by the trends is nothing but chic. If you are a bold girl then you should definitely try this version of boldness. Bleach Blonde Hair Colors 

It is crazy to see how bleach blond shades are gaining more and more popularity. Women don’t get tired of bleaching their strands. Bleached blondes are more dynamic and versatile than you may think. The advantage of having bleach blonde hair is that you may paint your locks with any light shade you want including pink, violet etc. But before bleaching your hair make sure to talk with your hair colorist. Light Brown Tones 

There is a group of females that don’t have any plans to damage their locks and go for bleached hair. However, there is a solution for this women as well. They need to check the most beautiful light tones of brown. No-bleaching is required for these tones. Apart from it, there is no need to go for regular touchups. Note that the tones are great for everyone. Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Dirty blonde is another amazing shade of blonde that is definitely worth trying. Dirty blonde is easy to get as long as you are a blonde, otherwise, it requires bleaching. But the beauty is definitely worth it. Compared with other blondes this blonde is easy to maintain. Don’t hesitate to try it as well. 

Photo Credits: Omg Hair Colors