Flannel is the Newest Hair Color Trend of 2019

When we were about thinking that there couldn’t be anything new, Instagram bloggers popped up with a new trend that is no less impressive. If you are ready to see the new trend, then meet flannel: the newest hair color of 2019. This fabulous trend is for blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Check the pictures to get a better idea about it. Mulled Wine Hair Color 

We offer you to brighten up your mulled wine mane, with some incredible bold tones of fire. These tones will not only provide with a whole new hair color but also add extra dimension and texture to your hair. It is a great idea for those that are into red hues. The best thing about all these is that it is a totally no-commitment look. Don’t hesitate to try it for this fall. Flannel Hair Color 

Here is another look from Instagram that comes to prove that flannel is a huge trend already and everyone hurries to try it. It is a bit bright sample that will definitely make the wearer stop the traffic. And in case if you want to replicate the look ask your hairstylist to mix all the boldest shades of red and voila you are ready to rock the world. Rose Gold Perfection 

Feminine rose gold hues are always in trend and you can achieve them according to your complexion. Indeed, no a rose gold hue is easy to get but if you want to have a fairy-like hair then prepare yourself for some bleaching sessions. The following rose gold complements orange hue particularly when you are having an ombre. Note that the look is beautiful even with shadowy roots. Dark Shades of Flannel 

If you are one of those ladies that love to follow the latest trends but not ready to go too far with bright tones, then you should try this dark version of flannel. All you need to do is to ask your hair colorist for dark tones that are close to your natural hue. Everything gets twice easier when you choose tones close to your natural hue. Flannel Hair Color for Brunettes 

Luckily flannel hair trend is not only for redheads or blondes, brunettes also can experiment with it. This ultra-rich perfection is great to pull on both in autumn and winter months. The best thing is that it doesn’t require too much maintenance. So, busy girls, it is definitely your thing to take into consideration. 

Photo Credits: Omg Hair Colors