Mind-Blowing Metallic Hair Colors for Fall

Metallic hair colors are not for faint-hearted ladies. This trend has been popularized by Instagram beauty bloggers and trendsetters. Metallic hair coloring technique is a way to introduce some serious changes in your overall look. You can play up with the shades and add extra shine to your hair. You can start with the cold shades of rose and go to platinum blonde but keep in your mind that you can hardly achieve the shades with conventional hair cosmetics. In order to inspire you, we have put together incredible metallic hair colors for fall– get ready to blow others’ mind.Metallic Rose Gold 

Let’s start with this metallic rose gold that is considered as one of the most feminine hair trends that you can wear in every season of the year. The rich rose gold combines two different shades and looks luxurious and elegant. The color is exceptionally beautiful on women with tan skin tone. However, it is still necessary to consult with your hairstylist before rocking the shade. Metallic Lilac Hair Color 

Obviously, metallic hair colors differ from usual ones. They are luxurious and vivid so anyone who wants to make a bold statement needs to consider it. Here is the lilac version of the hue. It has a magnificent advantage and will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.  Metallic hair color is not easy to achieve, and if it is not done right you may get a washed-out look. Make sure that your hair colorist is professional. metallic hair colorMetallic Grey Hair Color

Anyone who follows the latest fashion trends knows that metallic grey has gone viral. Almost every beauty blogger has tried this trend. If you think that you are one of those fashionistas, then you should also give it a try. Try to do your own research and find the cons and pros of having metallic grey hair. After getting the shade you need to maintain it regularly.  Bronze Metallic Hair 

Who said that metallic trend is all about unnatural hues. It is quite versatile. Here is a natural hue for brunettes. It is a bronze hair color that looks exceptionally eye-catching on women with fair skin tone. As soon as you find the real undertone for your skin and eye color, you will be amazed. The best thing is that the trend can be fitted to any complexion and your complexion is not an exception as well. 

Photo Credits: Stylish Hairstyles