Natural-Looking Blonde and Brown Hair Colors

Indeed, pastels and unnatural hues are still in the mainstream, but there are women that will never give up on natural-looking hair colors. I should admit that these shades have never been outdated. Thus, we have followed Color ideas and decided to reveal the trendiest natural shades of this summer. In case if you are planning to go for changes and you are not into unnatural or bright tones, check this amazing list of natural-looking blonde and brown hues.Sandy Brown Hair Colors 

You should definitely take your next hair color inspiration from sand, golden and caramel brown tones. Here is the greatest inspiration. This summer hair color is just effortless and carefree. It is a great hair color solution for brunettes with medium-length hair. As you can see the brown plays nicely with golden brown hues and these two shades create a beautiful and ethereal look. Golden Brown Hair Color 

This golden hue is somewhere in between blonde and brown tones. Those who can’t commit between these two tones should definitely try both of them. However, this golden balayage requires mixing caramel, butter brown and a deep base of brown. Apart from it, your hair colorist will also need to place some blonde highlights to make the look complete. Cappuccino Ombre Hair Color 

While getting a hair color, the technique of applying shades is pretty important. Have a look at this particular look. It incorporates some warm shades of brown that has been painted through balayage technique. The tones look vividly complex and provide with a multidimensional look. Note that textured hair also brings out the beauty of the shade. Indeed, it is a perfect approach to summer.  Brunette Siren Hair Color 

This is the dram of all brunette out there. You never need to lighten up your strands when you can create a fabulous shade with the help of your brunette locks. As you can see the color melted highlights add depth and texture throughout the locks. Buttery caramel blonde ombre complement the chestnut base. The following combo us flattering for different skin tones and eye colors. Cascading Caramel Locks 

Here is another hue that will make others copy it. You can’t go wrong with amazing caramel locks. This shade will definitely lighten up your tan skin. You can throw in some shades of chocolate brown and medium brown for a more dimensional look. So, style your locks in amazing waves and show off wonderful shades throughout your hair.

Photo Credits: Hazestyle