Beautiful Pink Hair Colors for 2019

Dying your hair pink is never easy, but it is a refreshing and ravishing shade that is worth trying. Pink is meant to bring out your fun nature. According to Omg Hair Colors coral pink, mineral pink and rose pink are still the hottest hair color trends of 2018-2019. Get ready to make the boldest statement ever. However, while going for the shade, skin tone is everything to consider. Pink is a complex shade and it is quite versatile. You can choose everything from soft baby pink to bold magenta and violet- bordeaux. Luckily, there are pink shades for every skin tone and eye color.  Bejeweled Pink Hair Color 

No one will reject the beauty of this ultra-feminine pink. The shade is infused with a dusty peach hair color and the melting process is nothing but chic. Obviously, your hair colorist needs to be skillful enough to provide you a sophisticated hue like this. This dreamy look has been finished with a mermaid braid and a lovely accessory. So recreate the look and let people copy your up-to-date hair design. Shadowed Magenta Rose Gold 

The following color idea requires mixing magenta and raspberry. These balayaged shades will boost your confidence while taking your look a notch higher. Note that the roots are shadowed, so it is a great idea for brunettes who are afraid to go for a light shade just because of regular maintenance. Pair theses unique shades with messy waves and your look is complete. Shadowed Magenta Rose Gold Confetti Pink Hair Color 

What about this yummy look? Yes, it is just irresistible. As you can see getting a Barbie doll look is not complicated anymore. Shades of blush pink, creamy pastel lavender and delicate lilac create a mind-blowing look like this. Indeed, the soft waves add a touch of delicacy to the entire style. Well, when you get a catchy hair shade such as confetti pink, don’t forget to watch your wardrobe as well. Unicorn Hair Color 

Unicorn hair color is not new in this industry but this trend is getting evolved day by day. However, when it comes to this particular unicorn hue, your hair colorist needs to be attentive while choosing the tones. It is mostly strawberry pink that tends to liven up the complexion. Note that the combo involves violet and yellow undertones as well. Don’t forget to take the picture with you while asking for the color. Gothic Raspberry Hue 

Here is a bit darker version of pink that you may still fall in love. Black roots and blended raspberry create a striking contrast and carefree waves help these two contrasting shades play together.  

Photo Credits: Stylish Hairstyles