2018 Summer Hair Color Ideas by Celebrities

When it comes to summer shades, most of us are looking for warmer hues. Lighter hues replace darker ones providing with a great summer appearance. We have selected your favorite celebrities to show off the beauty off summer hair colors all the way up. Regardless of whether you have super light, dark or medium hair, you need to see these 2018 summer hair color ideas by celebrities. Reddish Brown Hair Color Ideas

No one rocks a reddish brown hair color better than gorgeous Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson. It seems she feels super confident both in blonde and brown shades. She inspires to bring extra warmth to your brunette hue with red and blonde hair highlights. Finish your look by giving your strands a great crop. In a word, just follow Scarlett Johansson’s example. Ombre Hair 

Ombre trend is still in the center of attention. With any ombre style you can create a dramatic look. Just think of the whitest blonde! If it is too bold for you, keep the roots dark and go lighter towards the tips. Brunette hair creates a grandiose look with ombre shades. However, you will need to bleach your hair to the lightest level to achieve so much desired blonde.  Caramel Blonde Hair Color 

The most delicious hue is still the hottest trend of the season. Take your strands a notch higher without going for a complete overhaul. All you need to do is to add subtle caramel highlights like stunning Chrissy Teigen. It is easy to maintain and works for every skin tone and eye color. You can apply some gorgeous accessory to show off the beauty of your highlights. Rose Gold Hair Color 

Rose gold shade has always been associated with femininity and subtleness. Delicate rose hues added to your blonde strands will provide you with a whole new look. You can’t go wrong with rose tones. However, this capricious hue needs to be fitted to your complexion. You can draw your summer look inspiration from Iskra Lawrence.

Neutral Blonde Hair Color 

Have you noticed that Nicole Kidman’s hair perfectly blends with her skin tone. No, no! It is not an optical illusion, it is just a right choice of the shade. Just keep in your mind that monochromatic hair colors are not outdated and you can still rock them for this summer. Everyone has her own neutral shade, so talking with your hair colorist is crucial.