Beautiful Summer Hair Colors

A month of summer has already gone so you can pass the next two months with gorgeous hair colors that we have included below. Regardless of whether you prefer blonde, brunette, red or pastel shades you will definitely find something for you. If you are ready to explore the best summer hair colors for yourself, just go on reading. Beautiful Blonde Hair Color 

Blonde in summer looks just great and feels great. Be that icy blonde, rose gold lavender blonde or two-tone blonde you are going to shine. The thing about blonde is that there are numerous techniques to play up with the shade. Balayage highlights or catchy ombres are for both brunettes and blondes. However, try out something that brings out the best of your complexion. 

Hair Color for Redhead

Here is a great idea for redheads as well. This pink-orange blonde is the best solution for this summer. So, we offer you to blend magenta, blush and baby pink with red or auburn base to create a dimensional effect. Indeed, it is not an easy task to get a chic hair color like this, as it requires blending multi-tonal hair highlights for the same effect. Make sure that you have chosen a skillful hairstylist.  Ashen Rose Gold Hair Color 

Pink is the queen shade of summer. It is an effortless girlish tone without being too high-maintenance particularly when you are blonde. One of the best ideas is the ruddy pink with shadowy or roots. It is a beautiful hair color that should be fitted to your skin tone and eye color. Add some light waves for a more impressive finish. The best example is showcased below, so have a look and get inspired from. Golden Bombshell Brown Hair Color 

This summer you are going to see golden/balayage ombres that incorporate caramel, butter brown shades paired with deeper brown base. Indeed, it is a solution for brunettes that don’t want to go for a huge commitment. All your hair colorist needs to do is to place some strategical golden highlights throughout your brown hair and get the best of the look. Like always, lovely curls will help you show off the entire beauty of the combo. Lavender Hair Color 

When it comes to summer hair colors, bold pastels are on point. Below you will see a lavender hair color that is simply luxurious. This attention-grabbing hair color is easy to achieve if you have ultra-light hair color such as blonde, otherwise you will need to go for long bleaching sessions. The alternative way to get the color without damaging your hair is to opt for extensions.