Fab Brunette Hair Colors with Blonde Highlights

You have strands that are boring and monotone? Well, that means you are in the right place in a right moment. These fab blonde and brunette hair highlights are meant to make your look more beautiful. Regardless of your current hair color, you can try any of these styles. Brunette hair colors with blonde highlights flatter every skin tone and eye color. The best thing about shades is that they are easy to achieve and don’t require harsh chemicals. Brown Color Melting 

Color melting is one of the most requested techniques in popular salons. One must have skillful hands to achieve the look. Indeed, the ideas for melting shades into each other are versatile so you need to do your choice before going for the style. This amazing brown color melt looks quite natural. It is more natural than a head full of highlights.  Different Shade of Brown 

When you decide to melt three different shades of brown, you are bound to create a head-turning a warm hair color. The warm shade creates an illusion of blonde that looks super beautiful with brown tone. The technique is just amazing for those who want to keep their dark brown while adding a hint of blonde for extra richness. Coffee with Cream 

It is time to say goodbye to your boring and plain brown hair and try something different. Have you ever thought of bleaching your hair? If no, then it is the right moment to think about it. We offer you to maintain the dark shade on the crown part and go lighter towards the tips. This creamy blonde creates a beautiful contrast. Ombre Balayage Combo 

Ombre and balayage brunettes! This idea is the best for you to update your current hair color. This hand painting technique works beautifully both on medium and long hair. The key to this look is the technique that needs to be done right. So make sure that you have a right hair colorist for the look. He/she should be familiar with the technique. Blonde Brunette 

Everything about this headdress is beautiful. It is a trendy hair color that is worth trying, you can’t go wrong with the shade since it uses two different shades of universally appealing colors such as blonde and brunette. It is a solution for women that can’t commit between brown and blonde shades. A beautiful haircut is bonus for  this style.