Spring/Summer 2018 Hair Color Trends

This article is for those that love to be a step forward from people surrounding them. Being informed about he latest trends is crucial particularly when you are a fashion blogger or trendsetter. Keeping this thoughts in our mind, we have done our best, and found the cutest spring/summer 2018 hair color trends for you. Check the pictures before you will get your next hair shade. Bold Neon Hair Colors 

A neon hair color means lots of attention. Pastel neon hair colors are having a moment right now and they are one of the most intriguing spring/summer shades.  Neons are not everyone’s thing, so you need to think twice before getting it. Any shade of neon requires a huge commitment. Options are countless but pastel neon pink look fells youthfully urban when paired with right outfit. Best Shades for Redheads 

Keep embracing the best shades of red as they are in trend like nothing else. This season women are encouraged to use hues that are lean on natural side. If you have a shade like this, don’t try to change it, instead care of your hair more to make it healthier. Natural reds will be seen in every corner of the world. Some minimalistic redhead styles are represented below. Deep Chestnut Hair Color 

Deep chestnut hues are salvation for those, who are absolutely busy and can’t see their hair colorist often. We can say that deep chestnut is no-maintenance and no-commitment shade that flatters literally every skin tone and eye color out there. It is the most prismatic hue when done properly. We are mostly in love with chestnuts that are created with warm base. See the most appealing hues below. Dirty Blonde Hair Color 

Oh no, we haven’t forget our blonde chicks too. This year our love is for dirty blonde shades. Dirty blonde is just a great transition from bleached hair. Dirty blonde has relaxed vibe that makes a great option for every season of the year. Many fashion houses took their model’s badhead hair to the next level with dirty blonde hair color. Bleached Blonde Hair Color 

Bleach blonde is never going to be considered as an outdated shade. Bleaching hair means lots of time , effort and money but the final result is totally worth it. Indeed, bleached hair is not affordable for everyone. Before bleaching your hair, make sure that you have appropriate eye color and skin tone. The color is more dynamic and versatile, so you will definitely find your own bleached hair look.