Fierce Silver Hair Color for Every Woman

Silver is not just a color, it is a way of thinking. Having silver hair is a way to go bold. In fact many woman go grey to get attention and make a bold statement. Gone are the days when grey was older older females’ color. Like any other color, silver is also versatile. The best thing about it is that you have an opportunity to find your own silver shade and rock it proudly. While going for this hue, the first thing that you need to consider is your eye color and skin tone. Any tint you choose needs to work with your complexion. So here are some fierce silver hair colors that are surely breathtaking. Silver Balayage Hair Color 

This color is a stunning combination of ash and blue grey. Darker roots create dimension and movement throughout the hair. It is a darker version of silver that is easier to achiever compared with lighter looks. This silver balayage is affordable for brunettes too. Ask your hair colorist for this color combo and inspire others to wear a striking hair color like you do. Silver and Black Hair Color 

With silver and black shades you can create your desired salt and pepper look. Indeed, this two shades work pretty cool when blended through balayage technique. Subtle highlights all over the hair provide with dimension so they look good on any hair length and the effect of highlights is totally magnificent.  You can try the idea for yourself and you will never regret for this commitment. Platinum Silver Hair Color 

Among all those silver undertones, white silver is the boldest. One of the best ideas on how to experiment with the color is shown below. Ask your hair colorist to maintain your dark roots and apply silver for the rest hair. The color makes for a surprisingly pleasant look that is youthful and mature at the same time. Silver Ombre Hair Color 

A good hair color may help you boost your confidence which is the key to achievement. Surely, silver is a shade that may give you lots of confidence. However, this particularity look is all about high contrast that is achieved by pairing raven black base with light silver towards the tips. By bleaching your hair, you can pull off a sophisticated hair shade like this too.  Gray Waves 

To showcase the beauty of your hair color, just the shade is not enough. Get a good haircut and hairstyle and make your look complete. Take cue from this model, she rocks a great grey shade and chic waves on long lob.