Blackberry Hair Colors for 2018

Spring is the season when ladies try to go for lighter hair colors or at least hair highlights. Many of us get tempted with the idea of getting a new vibrant hair color. Indeed, hair colors are quite versatile but right now blackberry is the hottest shade that has gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest. Blackberry is not as bright as the rest spring trends so those who had enough of bright hair colors, will definitely love these yummy shades. Pass through our article and explore the best blackberry hair colors for 2018Blackberry Hair Color 

There is something special about this blackberry hair color. It is the easiest way to stand out in the crowd when everyone gets a lighter shade. Your hair colorist has an ultimate chance to mix up the tones for a true unique look. The color palette ranges from dark blue to a bit warmer burgundy ones. Keep in your mind that the shades need to be on the darker side to show off the beauty of blackberry tones. Blackberry Hair Highlights 

Blackberry hair highlights provide with equally cool look. You don’t need to change up your entire hair color to achieve a blackberry hair color instead you can ask your hair colorist to place some purplish highlights throughout your dark brown hair and your blackberry hair color is ready. However, this look is quite easy to maintain and works great for brunettes. Bright Blackberry Hair Color

Meghan Schipani was the first who put the color on the map. She created the boldest blackberry hair color using balayage technique. Dark and light shades have been blended into each other to provide a seamless color combo. She updated her client’s dark brown hair with purple hair highlights. And she has used different shades of purple to achieve a great blackberry shade.    Balayage Blackberry Hair Color 

Blackberry may sound a challenging hair color but actually it is low-maintenance. The best thing about balayage is that it grows out beautifully so you don’t need to worry about regular touchups. The dark -purple beautifully melts into dark lavender producing a look that is still unique. This color is a great idea for ladies that are busy but still want to look great.

Dark Blackberry Hair Color on Wavy Hair 

After getting your desired hue, you still need to keep it fresh. In order to maintain the beauty of your blackberry shade, hair colorist recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo with conditioners. Ask your hair colorist for the best hair products.