Pintura Hair Highlights for Curly-Haired Ladies

You have curly texture and you don’t know how to do that without going to drastic? Well, you are in the right place since pintura hair highlights may be one of the best color techniques to achieve. Pintura means painting and it works exceptionally cool for ladies with curly, coiled or spiral curls. Because no foils or extreme heat are used, the damage is less – the part of your hair is maintained natural. Now, let’s have a look at these examples of pintura hair highlights. Caramel Hair Highlights 

Have your ultimate summer fun by going for three-tone lighter hair highlights. The technique of achieving the look is not as complicated as you may think. Just ask your hair colorist to hand paint the color on each spiral so that it doesn’t look streaky. You should end up with pops of color that brighten up your face while providing with an outstanding hair look. All-over-Blonde Hair Color 

It is the right moment to take advantage from this amazing technique and go all-over blonde. The combination of hair highlights and lowlights produces a sassy hair color like this. Even though this technique of applying hair highlights is less damaging you will still need to treat your hair with deep conditioning air masks to keep your locks fresh and healthy. Soft Brown Hair Color 

Sometimes all you need is a touch of intrigue. No need to go for big changes to have some difference in your look. If you have dark brunette hair, ask your hair colorist to add a hint of a bit lighter shade to create “barely there highlights”. The contrast is not so much but it is still visible. It is an idea for ladies that want to freshen up their look with less effort. However, keep the pieces near the face to soften your complexion. Peek-a-Boo Red Highlights 

There is an example for ladies who are in love with red as well. The peek-a-boo red highlights are placed throughout the strands in a way to create an illusion of coming naturally. Now you know that you can take your brunette hair a notch higher with less effort. You can add a side parting or bangs to make your entire look more interesting and feminine. Bronzed Brunette Hair Color 

Want to maintain your brunette side while leaving others with some hair envy? Well, add some bronze highlights throughout your hair focusing on the front pieces. These metallic hair highlights work cool with brunette shades. You may use these highlights to accessorize your brunette hair.