Spring 2018: Best Hair Colors to Draw Inspiration

When the season changes, jazzing up your wardrobe and switching up your skin care routine is must, but a hair color update is also important particularly when the sun is shining. We have tried to do our own research and make the list of the best hair colors of spring 2018, taking into consideration pros’ opinion. These hair colors guarantee a look that can be both fashionable and catchy, manageable and flattering. We truly believe that it is just the right moment to make a bold statement with your new hair color makeover. Rich Brunette 

It is said that this spring brunettes will go richer- from rich chocolate to amber hues. Dear brunettes, use your chance to sport the best shades that are also low-maintenance. Popular celebrities have already managed to debut their spring brunette hair colors on the red carpet. If you want to maintain dimension, ask your hair colorist to highlight with amber to auburn shades. Sun-Kissed Hair Color 

Whenever the color has been introduced into this fashion, it has become everyone’s desired tone. Sun-kissed blonde is one of the best shades that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. If you want to get eternal sun sunshine of flawless hair, ask your hair colorist to create dimension with the help of baby blonde highlights, strategically placed throughout your hair. Platinum Blonde 

Platinum blonde is still big. But having platinum blonde color, means spending much time and money on protection. So you need to maintain the condition of your hair, to make it look healthy and shiny rather than dull and damaged. Take the most quality hair products and and shampoos for color treated hair. You can’t go wrong with this amazing shade. Au Natural Hair Color 

Let your roots with the color you were born with. Moving into spring, we do really lean forward natural shades. Classic beauty is in rage. Well, rocking a natural hair color means not caring about maintenance. It is not a secret that it is a lot easier to deal with natural hues rather than the colored ones. Get a right hairstyle and show off your natural hair color with confidence. Old Hollywood Blonde 

As you can see, both brunette and blonde hues are in mainstream this spring. Any shade of blonde is highly preferred. This blonde variation is more natural than platinum. Just push your blonde a bit higher to brighten up your skin tone and draw attention to your eyes. Hollywood starlets are in love with the shade, what about you?