Dirty Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

We have recently noticed that bleached blonde and super bright highlights give place to more natural dirty blonde hair colors. Women have always tried to hide this shade in hair salon now it is back as one of the trendiest hues. I guess now you also want to try the color and here are the best dirty blonde hair colors for 2018. Hair colorist ensure that the color looks unique on everyone. Actually dirty blonde hair color is formed by mixing various light and dark shades of blonde. The tones need to be carefully chosen in order to fit each skin tone and eye color. Now let’s have a look at the pictures below. Dishwater Hair Color 

This dishwater blonde hair color is more brunette rather than blonde. It is a solution for those that want to experiment with blonde hues but are not ready to go too light. It is also an ideal hair color for those in the process of growing out their natural hair to blend with existing blonde hair highlights. It is a low-maintenance hair color as it doesn’t regular touch up. 

Blonde Color Melt 

If you are looking for  a more dramatic look, consider mixing up contrasting cool, warm and dark blonde highlights. The color blend will provide you with a natural hair color that is great to wear in any season of the year. Apart from being beautiful, the darker highlights provide with lots of dimension and movement. You can’t go wrong with a rich hair color like this. Dark Roots and Honey Highlights 

It seems rooted hair colors never going to leave hair industry as they are much desired. The first thing that fascinates about rooted hair colors is that they are easy to maintain and don’t require frequent visits to hair salons like other colors. Here is another idea for rooted hair trend. Add a thin layer of honey blonde highlights to your hair that perfectly blends into your brown or blonde base. Dirty Blonde Balayage Babylights

This rich hair color is amazing for women that are looking for an expensive dye job. As you can see the color melts seamlessly from medium blonde roots to light blonde towards the tips. The color is fascinating both on waves and straight hair. Take cue from the look represented below.  Natural Hair Color 

Natural hair colors are still in mainstream. Here is another hair color that looks super natural. It is all about blonde and brown shades that have been perfectly blended into each other and showcased with gorgeous waves.