Fresh Hair Color Ideas for Spring 2018

There are so many fresh hair colors and haircuts that are waiting for us in spring 2018. The hellish nightmare for us is winter that is already over. In winter, we try to keep things dark and monochrome but spring is a period of time when everything flourishes so our locks too. Below are selected fresh hair colors for spring 2018. These are the trends that are going to be huge in the upcoming season. Let’s move on, if you are ready for experiments.fresh hair colors for 2018Ashy Violet Hair Color

In this spring, we are going to see lots of ultra-violet tones.  Ashy muted shades of violet and lavender make the trend crazy wearable and easy. The color combination is absolutely amazing and it compliments various skin tones and eye color. However, the most important thing is to blend the shades seamlessly. So, make sure that your hair colorist uses the right technique to blend the shades.Face-Framing Balayage Hair Color

Keep all-over balayage for summer, now you can embrace a balayage trend with a few face-framing sections of caramel-blonde. It is all you need for spring. You are going to end up with a great hair color that is no-maintenance and requires no-commitment. Take cue from the look that we have showcased below. There are face framing highlights for every skin tone and natural hair color.Face-Framing Balayage Hair ColorStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

Indeed, the creamy shades of strawberry blonde are coming in hot. Since it is spring, these creamy hues are totally on point. If you have light hair that will be quite easy to experiment with shades. You are going to love the idea. It is the easiest and coolest way to update blonde hair. Use color treatments and conditioners to keep things fresh.Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorExposed Roots

Platinum is here to stay but it is taking a grunge spin. This season platinum will incorporate bold deeply shaded roots. Rocking a hair color with exposed roots means less time and money at the salon for touchups. Get the headdress for yourself and go on several months without touchup. You can’t go wrong with a sophisticated hair color like this.  Exposed RootsAuburn Ombre

This irresistible look is for everyone that is seeking a natural-looking hair color. Auburn ombre is definitive proof that fall and winter hair is not only about darker hues. This ombre is great to wear in any season of the year. Since the roots are maintained natural, it is going look good on everyone. Give it a try and you will never regret for your decision.Auburn Ombre