Trendy Hair Color Ideas You Should Give A Try

It is already the second month that we are into 2018 but some trends of the year have already been formed- particularly when we talk about hair colors. Hair colorists have noticed that fashion gurus and trendsetters continue to embrace warmer tones including unconventional and standout tints. However, everyone is curious to know which trends are going to be dominant this year. Before you will hit the hair salon, check these trendy hair color ideas.Bright Butterbeer Hair Color

An exquisite mix of gold, auburn and yellow tints provides with a new coloristic solution that got the name “butterbeer hair”. It is a new trend that has already managed to spin heads. If you are into subtle hair colors, go for muted orange hues, those who have bold feeling, may try electric shades of yellow and blorange. The result is a standout hair color like this.Bright Butterbeer Hair ColorHoney-Golden Blonde Hair Color

Honey blonde is going to be big this year, because last year we had enough fun with platinum and ashy hues. It is just the right moment to give your hair break from too vivid blondes and try something like golden-honey blonde. There are still many variations of this sophisticated shade that you may try for yourself. Beige honey-golden blonde is what you need to take into consideration. It is easier to maintain.honey-Golden Blonde Hair ColorViolet and Plum Hair Color

It is the color of the year. Violet and plum are really popping in 2018. These catchy shades may bring something unexpected to your style. This combo screams boldness. You may draw your inspiration from the look showcased below. We highly recommend you playing up with the shades and create your own version of the combo.Violet and Plum Hair ColorCaramel Ombre

If vivid and unexpected shades are in mainstream, that doesn’t mean you should avoid of dark hues. Embrace rich dark hues with a touch of lightness. When dark brows and light browns are mixed, you are bound to end up with a fascinating color that warms the complexion without full commitment. The best thing is that you don’t need to retouch it as much as you would do with a full color.Caramel OmbreOrange Hair Color

If you woke up with a feeling to get something fierce, the following orange hue is for you. However, this capricious shade is not for every skin tone consequently you should talk with your colorist to make sure that it complements your skin tone. Orange is a loud shade that will definitely boost your confidence. Give it a try if it is suitable for your skin tone.Orange Hair Color