Bright Hair Colors That Are Going To Be Seen in 2018

After all those cozy, hygge-inspired hues, we are moving towards brighter and bolder shades for this year. Our favorite looks are going to be the ones that are created with vibrant acid shades, caramel highlights, peachy warm hues. These colors will brighten up your dark hair and complexion. Check these bight hair colors that are going to be seen everywhere in 2018 and call your colorist.Acid Hair Colors

Many colorists have already started brightening their color kit, as acid is the next rainbow hue to sweep the hair industry. Regardless of whether you call it neon or electric 80’s inspired hair color, it is going more and more about technicolor. Since acid is going to be the next huge trend, consider having it throughout your locks. Just take cue from the following style created by Instagram-popular colorist Guy Tang.Acid Hair ColorsGold-Base Hair Color

Dear colorists, it is just the right moment to warm up your formula with gold-based shade that helps the whole look shine. Indeed, having a hint of gold is very flattering to almost every skin tone plus it is much shiner than ashy tones. This look has been created by another Insta-popular hair colorist, that can serve as an inspiration and motivation for other colorists around the world.Gold-Base Hair ColorCaramel Rose Hair Color

Yes, that’s true, you are going to see this amazing hair color in every salon around the world. Caramel rose tone is the most requested one among brunettes. It features rose and warm caramel undertones. The best thing about this combo is that it is not too daring. That’s still your hair just a little bit jazzed up. However, everything blends in easily gifting texture and dimension.Caramel Rose Hair ColorRed Hair Color

Red is a loud color, and it grabs lots of attention. It is a lovely shade that stands out because of its brilliance in versatility. Here is a deep tint of red that is great for people who are asking for a color to be seen. However, this color will be a big change for brunettes and blondes, while redheads may consider it for updating their already existing red tone.Red Hair ColorOrangy Hair Color

Warm orangy tones are in rage. Adding some warmth to your strands will definitely brighten up your look. Warm undertones work exceptionally good for those with warm complexion, even though, you still need to consult with your hair colorist to find out the best shade for yourself. It goes without saying that it is a high maintenance color that requires regular touchups.Orangy Hair Color