Rose Gold Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Wearing a rose shade has never been so much fun. This ultra-feminine shade steps a notch higher and comes up with new modern solutions and balayage technique is the” answer”. It’s the best way to add a sophisticated touch to your strands. Besides, balayage is a more natural approach towards the shade.  It’s all about subtle highlights, strategically placed throughout the locks. Here are represented the coolest rose gold balayage hair colors for 2018. Find your inspiration among the best looks of the year.rose gold hair colorsBlack Hair with Rose Highlights

We have a proof that rose gold is not only for light-haired ladies, brunettes are welcome to try the look too. Somehow, it’s hard to imagine a rose gold shade on black hair but you can see that the contrast between the shades is cute. To imitate this look, ask your hair colorist for coppery rose gold balayage highlights. Make sure that there are some highlights placed around your face.Black Hair with Rose HighlightsRed and Rose Balayage

Who would imagine that the combination of red and rose gold hues will provide with a rich hair color option like this. Rose gold highlights work great on red hair. It’s important to blend the shades seamlessly for a flawless color combo. When it comes to this look, it’s all about deep red roots that turn into a rose gold hue towards the tips.Red and Rose BalayageBlond and Pastel Pink

Here is a hair color option for blondes. It’s more than clear that it’s an absolutely low-maintenance option for blondes because they don’t need to bleach anything. For this look, the colorist placed some pastel pink highlights all over the head. There is no a better way to update your blonde hair rather than balayage pastel pink highlights.Blond and Pastel PinkLob and Rose Gold Streaks

When it comes to a hair color, a haircut is crucial as it’s the best way to showcase the beauty of the tones. Try to match two hugest trends of the season-lob and rose gold. When you combine these amazing trends, you will end up with a mind-blowing hair look. Take cue from this striking example and ask your hairstylist for the same look. It requires regular touchups for a fresh look. rose gold lobRose Gold Accent

It is never necessary to go for an all over color change to achieve a mind-blowing hair color like this. Stay brunette while rocking a chic rose gold shade. Ask your hair colorist to place some rose gold balayage highlights on the ends of your locks. It is a great color combo for ladies that are not ready to go for regular touchups.