Partial Balayage Highlights to Blow Minds in 2018

Hair colorists do their best to provide us with amazing hair color options that are less damaging. Today we have another amazing trend for you-partial balayage highlights. There are so many reasons that you would copy one of these partial balayage highlights for 2018. Partial balayage highlights don’t require as much bleach, which means less damage to your cute tresses. This is the best option for ladies that haven’t colored their strands yet. You have a great chance to play up with light and dark tones for a sophisticated hair color. Now keep reading and explore the best ideas.partial balayage highlightsBrunette with Light Brown Highlights

Highlights are the most beautiful way to give your strands extra depth and dimension. Highlights for brunettes are exceptionally gorgeous. Light brown highlights work fantastic when you want to accessorize your strands but you are not ready to go for too much bleach. Just pick highlights two-tones lighter and apply throughout your strands.Brunette with Light Brown HighlightsBlonde Balayage on Brown Hair

Very often partial hair highlights are being applied on the top layer of hair. That’s the most popular way of experimenting with partial balayage. These blonde highlights are placed throughout dark brown hair for a striking hair look like this. Well, the contrast between tones is more than vivid but still everything looks super natural. It’s a fabulous option too, isn’t it?Blonde Balayage on Brown HairSubtle Balayage Highlights

The beauty of these highlights come from their subtleness. The key to this look is a free hand painting technique. The color is totally out of harsh lines. It complements an array of skin tones and eye colors. To bring out the beauty of these partial hair highlights, you can go for waves. There is nothing better than waves to showcase the beauty of any hair color.Subtle Balayage HighlightsBlonde Baby Lights

Sometimes all you need to do is to place some light blonde highlights around the face and create a whole new look. These highlights not only brighten up the look but also create a lovely frame for your face. Blonde baby highlights and brown waves are nothing but fabulous and catchy. Take cue from this look and you will not regret.Blonde Baby LightsRed Hair Color and Highlights

Here we have an option for redheads too. The partial hair highlights are placed throughout red hair to create a subtle and ravishing look. It is an absolutely low-maintenance hair color that cuts your visits to hair salon. Good luck with your new look!Red Hair Color and Highlights