Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones in 2018

Choosing a hair color is quite tricky but never impossible. Lightening is the key factor to all those trendy hair colors you desire. However, talking with your hair colorist is also essential as only after that you will know which shade works for your skin tone. As soon as you figure out your skin tone, you may easily go ahead with the shade. If you are a woman with dark complexion, this article is for you. It is dedicated to hair colors for dark skin tones in 2018. Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones in 2018Deep Violet

There is no any other sophisticated shade for dark skinned women rather than this ravishing deep violet. Indeed, those who are still obsessed with unicorn hair trend, should consider rocking this violet as it perfectly flatters dark skin. It is one of the most requested hues in hair salons, so use your chance to pull off the shade. Note that you still need to bleach your hair before applying this tone.Deep VioletBlonde Hair Color

You have thought that blonde is not for your dark skin? Well, let me stop you there because blond is one of the best tones that complement dark skin. By the way, light blonde to platinum blonde does work on dark skin tone. These shades look more fragile on thick texture. From now on, you shouldn’t fear to play up with the shades and adopt the coolest blonde tone for yourself.Blonde Hair ColorPastel Light Lilac

Whether you believe or not, but rich jewel tones work best on dark skin tone as the shades compliment a rich complexion. It is not a secret that sometimes pastels can make for too harsh of a contrast or wash you out. Indeed, you should be quite attentive while choose a colorist for you. Ask your hair colorist for color treatments, to keep your locks healthy.Pastel Light LilacChestnut Sombre

Here we have a great color choice for women that are looking for a subtler color update. It is a sombre in a sophisticated chestnut. The darker roots and lighter tips are gathered to create a fabulous frame for the face. Note that the deep skin and chestnut sombre provide with a striking contrast. It is a low-maintenance shade and not as damaging as blonde tones.Chestnut SombreNavy Blue

A dark hair color with a hint of navy blue is a unique choice for women with deep complexions. Ask your hair colorist to place some blue highlights throughout your locks and forget about maintenance and regular touchups. Take cue from this striking look and consider this shade for your next salon blue