Light Brown Hair Colors for Natural-Looking Shade Lovers

You are not ready to go for a big commitment but tired of dark brown tone as well? Don’t hurry to panic as when it comes to hair colors, there is always a solution. Below are shown the best light brown hair color for natural-looking shade lovers. Some females are blessed with naturally light brown hair but they may need a little kick too. These celebrities will give you a right amount of inspiration you were looking for. Just take you time to check these pictures.brown hair colorsClassic Caramel Hair Color

While taking about light brown hair colors, timeless caramel tones are always in. For the more sophisticated hair color consider mixing warm and cool caramel tones. By using the color melting technique, you will end up with a hair shade that includes various seamlessly blended tones. It is a low-maintenance option that flatters numerous skin tones and eye colors.Classic Caramel Hair ColorDark Ash Brown Hair Color

Ashy tones are all in range. Ash brown is neither too dark nor too bright. The shade looks mousy when worn on a short curly bob like this. Note this shade complements light skin tone and blue eyes. However, before going for it, we highly recommend talking with your hair colorist. It is quite important to take your skin tone into consideration.Dark Ash Brown Hair ColorHoney Brown Hair Color

Indeed, light brown tones are beneficial for ladies with warm skin tone. If you have a warm complexion, try to create a soft transition from light brown to warm brown. The yummy look provided by the shades makes the strands appear healthier and shinier. Just give your hair some lovely brushed out waves to bring out the lovely tones throughout.Honey Brown Hair ColorSandy Hair Highlights

Sometimes simple highlights are more than enough for taking your hair color to the next step. Cool brown with an ashy ombre creates a beachy look without going full-blown blonde. Strategically-placed hair highlights are more than enough for providing you with enough dimension and movement. The best thing is that these highlights don’t require regular touchups.Sandy Hair HighlightsRich Cider

Here is another chic shade of brown that is definitely worth trying even right now. Lovely tawny undertones provide with a soft yet noticeable dimension throughout light brown hair. These cider highlights are the greatest alternative to blonde highlights. Ask your hair colorist to finish the look with extra shine. Indeed, for a hair color like this a right haircut is “must”. Medium length haircut is superb and it works great for everyone.Rich Cider