Top Hottest Brunette Hair Colors to Try in 2018

From sophisticated smoky brown to honey brown, there is a whole range of hair color ideas for those who has always thought that brunettes have more fun than blondes. Having brunette hair is not but at all, particularly when you know how to enhance natural hues. Indeed, the best way is to go for hair highlights.  Below we have included top brunette hair colors for 2018. Whether you are a brunette or not, you need to see these amazing shades.Top Hottest Brunette Hair Colors to Try in 2018Bronde Ember

Bronde ember is the latest evolution of bronde. This trend has been around for about a year. It is an undeniable fact that everyone loves this bronde (mix of brown and blonde tones). In case if you have ultra-dark strands, you will need to lighten your base color one or two tones first. Once you have a right base, you may easily achieve this bronde ember. The color combo works exceptionally gorgeous on olive complexions.Bronde EmberSmoky Chocolate

Here is a medium to dark brunette tone that is spiced up with exquisite highlights. Eye-catching thin highlights or baby lights ensure that it will not appear dull and monochromatic. Highlights are also fantastic for adding extra movement and dimension to the tresses. You may finish the look with extra gloss for that shine effect. The color works great on soft complexioned brunettes and golden skin tones.Smoky ChocolateCocoa Brunette Hair Color

Here is a rich brunette hue that has tones of depth thanks to lovely hair highlights throughout. Ask your hairstylist for strategically placed highlights to frame your face. Natural parts and tips are necessary for creating a tone-on-tone effect. In this design, dark hair is dominant color that appears quite rich when enhanced with many hair highlights. Luckily, it is a great tone for all brunettes with different skin complexion. It is universally appealing.Cocoa Brunette Hair ColorCaramel Swirl

Caramel keeps being the most delicious shade of the year. When it comes to a caramel swirl, you don’t need a ton of highlights to create a chic look like this. However, it is vital, focusing on the face frame, natural part and ends. Strategically-placed highlights emphasize the face and give hair extra movement and definition. It is a mind-blowing hair color that will definitely enhance your charm.Caramel Swirl hair colorHoney Brunette

It is impossible not to fall in love with a golden-brown hue, spiced up soft highlights. Highlights, placed around the face, add some drama to the look. If you have dark brown almost black hair, you will need to lift your hair to a 6-level brown and only after that play up with the tones. It is a great shade to warm up one’s complexion. Literally everyone can experiment with honey brown hair color.Honey Brunette