Cream Soda, New Shade of Blonde Hair Color for 2018

How it would feel like to start a new season without a new hair color? There is a new trend and it has a kind of whimsical name but the delicious look provided by it is simply mind-blowing. Meet, cream soda hair colors for 2018. It is a new shade of blonde that works great for updating your outdated blonde strands. Today we will cover this shade while providing you with the most interesting details you would love to know about it. We have also included lovely pictures, using Instagram as a right source of inspiration.Who is the creator: Indeed, we are all curious to know who is the creator of this ravishing shade. Well, according to popular Refinery29, we should thank to Los Angeles based hairstylist and hair colorist Sunnie Brook. She confirmed that, lots of clients asked for the shade this season. In a word, it has been one of the most requested hair colors. Celebrities, such as Hailey Baldwin, America Ferrera and others also have been spotted rocking this shade.cream soda waves

cream soda hair colorCream Soda Hair Color: What kind of tone is it? According to Sunnie Brook cream soda is somewhere in between blonde and brunette tones. It can be described as beige brown and warm gold tones to it. Those, who can’t commit between brown and blonde shade, should consider cream soda hair color. It is a unique blonde tone that will not only boost your confidence but also make you stand out in the crowd.cream soda layered haircut

cream soda hairWho can rock the color? Well, I have already mentioned that it is neither blonde nor brunette, it is somewhere in between these shades, consequently both blondes and brunettes can rock the color. The thing that makes it an appealing shade is the golden highlights that brighten up the face. If you want to add a color to your complexion, consider going for this gorgeous tone.cream soda hair colorWhether it is damaging? The thing you need to realize is that any hair color prepared from chemicals tends to cause damage. When it comes to this particular hue, you need to bleach your hair, consequently you can’t escape from damaging your tresses, but you may ask your hair colorist for some high-quality treatments, and don’t forget about touchups as well.Folks, I do agree with you, pumpkin spice has been the best color of last year, but there is no denying, cream soda is taking over. Be a step forward from your friends and rock the hottest hair color of the year.