Grey Hair Color is the Hottest Trend of 2018

Grey turns to be the hottest hair color trend of 2018. Lots of A-listers stepped up with grey making it a trending shade again. If you are planning to take the plunge and rock this unique tone with a hint of white shade, trade gently with icy-cool and silver toners. Speak with your hairstylist about its maintenance, find out the cons and pros of rocking this bold hair color. Before that we recommend you looking through our celebrity and model gallery inspiration.gray hair colorsGrey Pixie

Rita Ora gives us a major hair envy by rocking an edgy grey hair color on her short pixie. She has paired grey pixie with red lips. However, the popped up dark roots balance the look. Indeed, it is not an easy shade to maintain, but you will see that it is worth a little upkeep. If you are going to recreate the following look, make sure to wear it with statement earrings.Grey PixieSilver Grey Waves

Trendsetter Hailey Baldwin wears silver grey waves. She debuted this amazing hair color on her Instagram and we are still obsessed with the look. We have never wanted to dye our hair as much as we want to do it right now. Note that Hailey’s grey locks are not super bright. Those who are not into light shades, may consider wearing this amazing dark silver grey tint.Silver Grey WavesSleek Grey Hair

After gorgeous Zoella posted this amazing photo on Instagram, everyone wanted to replicate it. These slick grey locks make us think, whether they are natural or artificial. Whatever, we love this up-to-date hairstyle and looking forward copying it. The best thing is that you may choose between the wig and real locks. If you are not ready for a big commitment go for a wig.Sleek Grey HairGrey Hair with Exposed Roots

Evan Rachel looks pretty cool with a pixie painted grey. The exposed roots never bother the look instead they reduce maintenance while making it even more impressive. With this amazing grey hair color, you will never go wrong. If you are a brunette, make sure to bleach your strands before applying this tone. Indeed, you need to have super light hair before wearing grey.Grey Hair with Exposed RootsGrey Hair Color

Kim Kardashian made everyone go grey. Recently, she popped up with grey hair color and shocked everyone. She is the most known fashion trendsetter, whose styles gaining popularity within minutes. Some people don’t believe that it is not a wig, while others do everything to recreate this flawless style.Grey Hair Color