Ocean Hair Colors for 2018

Thanks to Instagram, we have different ways of getting beach inspired looks. From now on you may dye your beach waves in complicated shades for a true striking look. Here we have selected some ocean hair colors for 2018, to give you new ideas on how to paint your hair differently. Ocean hair color is a new trend that uses multiple tones including subtle hints of green, teal, turquoise etc. The combination of these tones provides with a vibrant hair color. Scroll down to know more.ocean hair colorsDeep Ocean Blue Hair Color

This dark shade of blue takes us to the depths of the ocean. The base shade is super dark, it is almost black and it ends with a lighter teal at the tips. If your hair is naturally dark, this color combination may be beneficial for you. By maintaining your roots, you automatically reduce maintenance of the style. Opt for this ombre and prove that even with dark hair you may still make a fashion statement.Deep Ocean Blue Hair ColorMidnight Blue Hair

Want to get an unconventional hair color that is still on darker spectrum? Give this color a try. Ask your hair colorist to blend silvery and black shades to give it extra dimension and vibrancy. Indeed, the combination will provide you with and alluring look but consider pairing this color with lovely beach waves to leave an illusion of ocean waves.Midnight Blue HairVibrant Ocean Blue Hair Color

You are looking for a color that is lighter and brighter? The following color combo is a great solution for you. This glowing ocean teal hair color will make you stand out in the crowd. It requires mixing some green and blue tones for a headdress like this. These tones still resemble the depths of the ocean. If you are a wild girl, don’t hesitate to copy the look and make a bold statement.Vibrant Ocean Blue Hair ColorGreen Hair Highlights

You never need to go for a full commitment to get a striking style like this. It requires placing some green-blue highlights throughout your hair for a whole new look. It is also an amazing way to breathe new life to your tresses. Peek-a-boo technique is the best method to get these highlights. Luckily you don’t need frequent touchups. It is an excellent chance for you to unleash your creativity.Green Hair HighlightsLight Green Highlights

Use crazy shades to highlights your tresses. Choose your favorite green and blue tones and mix them for true unique hair color. Before mixing them talk with your hair colorist to know whether the tones work together or not. Below we have showcased an example of brown hair that is spiced up with light green highlights. The contrast between these tones is more than visible.Light Green Highlights