Burnt Orange Hair Color is Officially Here to Stay

We have seen everything from pastels to solids, what else we should expect to see in this season? Hair colorist never stop amusing us with new trends. This time they are up to a new trend- meet, burnt orange hair color. This unique shade is a mix of vibrant red and orange tones. The blend of the shades provides with a burnt orange hair color. This shade will definitely fit your wild nature. Luckily, it works for every skin tone including light, medium and dark. Check out these amazing hair colors for your ultimate inspiration.burnt orange hair colorRed-Orangey Balayage Ombre

You are a bold girl and you are looking for something more daring and fierce? Well, this is the best style for you. It features a vibrant orange with darker roots. As soon as the color fades, it gets a burnt orangey look while cutting your time between touchups. This is a look that will not only boost your confidence, but also make people talk about it.Red-Orangey Balayage OmbreBurnt Orange Lob

I have already mentioned that this color flatters an array of skin tones including dark. Just have a look at this black-skinned woman. She is just amazing with a burnt orange lob. Dark roots enhance the lob while providing with a low-maintenance style. However, you will still need to keep the rest of your strands fresh and healthy by using hair products and visiting your hair colorist.Burnt Orange LobBurnt Orange Balayage Ombre

Balayage is the biggest trend of the season and everyone wants to try it. Even unnatural shades get a natural touch when achieved through balayage technique. You can never go wrong with a brunt orange hair color done through balayage. It will provide with a great burnt orange hair shade that looks great both in curly and straight style.Burnt Orange Balayage OmbreStrawberry Blonde Waves

If you are looking for a classic look this is the best style to go ahead with. A copper burnt orange shade is an effortless style for redheads. But that doesn’t mean brunettes or blondes can’t achieve the look. If you are ready to go for a big commitment, this is the best option for you. Before getting the following style, make sure that you have healthy locks.Strawberry Blonde WavesPeek-a-Boo with Dark Roots

If you have darker hair and you don’t want to go for a big commitment, keep it simple with peek-a-boo highlights. These highlights don’t require lightening your strands. The advantage of this style is that you may rock the burnt orange look on your dark hair. Show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same look.Peek-a-Boo with Dark Roots