Natural Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

The goal of balayage is to add subtle and natural highlights to your tresses seamlessly and make them look like your natural hair color. This French technique has already managed to gain popularity all over the world. Women are simply in love with it because the technique works great on any hair color and texture. Get your own balayage highlights according to your natural hair color. Below you can find some natural balayage hair colors for 2018.balayage 2018Blonde Brown Balayage

We love that natural twist throughout these strands. Brown and blonde shades are blended into each other seamlessly for a fabulous style like this. It is a product of balayage that is so popular nowadays. It seems we get closer to our roots. But no worries as it provides with even more natural looking appearance. Just make sure that your hair colorist is skillful enough to give you a chic hair color like this.Blonde Brown BalayageHoney Blonde and Brown Balayage

Balayage is for everyone. Sometimes it seems even unconventional hair colors look natural when blended throughout balayage technique. The following headdress sports a delicious honey tone of blonde. The entire look starts with a darker shade at the roots and gets lighter towards the tips – just like a regular ombre but more natural (without harsh lines).Honey Blonde and Brown BalayageCopper Blonde Balayage

Modern hair colors require using your creativity. Mix the craziest shades to achieve a hair color that is not spotted on everyone. You can draw your inspiration from this stunning model.  She rocks a copper hair color that is soften with a blonde hair color towards the tips. Indeed, the hair color looks exceptionally gorgeous when the shades are blended with a balayage technique.Copper Blonde BalayageStrawberry Balayage Hair Color

Strawberry blonde looks equally cool when achieved through balayage. Ask your hair colorist to blend creamy and strawberry tones to create an illusion of standing under the sun for some time. If you are already a blonde, it is an easy-to-get hair color for you. Just try to keep your hair healthy by using conditioners and shampoos for color-treated hair.Strawberry Balayage Hair ColorCaramel Brown Balayage

This balayage is for brunette who are not ready to go for a big commitment. Caramel and brown tones are the best shades to blend together. You don’t need to paint all your tresses, instead you can place several balayage highlights for a chic headdress like this. Style your strands in striking waves to show off the beauty of your highlights.Caramel Brown Balayage