Natural-Looking Hair Colors That Are Huge Trend Right Now

Every day our Instagram feeds get filled with new trends. Haircuts- yes, but mostly hair colors. Popular hair colorist put lots of effort to come up with new shocking trends. But today, let’s forget about the brightest and craziest shades and discuss natural hues. There are so many women who prefer keeping things natural. The best thing is that natural hues complement almost all skin tones. I have tried to list the hugest natural-looking hair colors that you should trying right now. Go on reading and discover the coolest ideas.natural looking hair colors for 2018Lived-in Hair Color

Those who don’t want to grow out a junky hair color because of not having enough time to visit their hair colorist, should consider lived-in trend. It is gone viral on Instagram. This technique is new to go to, but it has already managed to become our favorite. Lived-in hair color is neither balayage, nor ombre highlights, but it is rather subtle and exquisite. It is a blend of brown and blonde tones that provide with a natural looking effect.lived in hair colorHair Color with Grown Out Roots

Rooted hair colors are a hot trend right now. The grown-out roots make your hair color look on point. The key to this look is not touching your natural roots. Keep them natural, and then go lighter towards the tips. It results a strikingly beautiful contrast that looks more natural rather than edgy. Dark roots reduce maintenance as you don’t have to worry about grown out roots.Hair Color with Grown Out RGolden Blonde Hair Color

If you have light brown or dark blonde hair color, consider adding some golden blonde highlights to it to take your hair color a notch higher. Golden streaks will create a sun-kissed effect. You just need to style your locks in carefree beach waves to bring out the beauty of the tones. Freckles are plus for this look. Instead of finding them with makeup, feel free to show them off.Golden Blonde Hair ColorLight Brown Highlights

You may choose highlights from the same color family to create a striking look. Just have a look at this model. She has placed some chocolate brown highlights on dark brown hair to enhance it and create more dimension. Highlights take the brown hair a notch higher. So, this hair color will never seem boring or outdated. Try it if you want a low-maintenance yet stylish hair look.Light Brown HighlightsGolden Blonde Hair Color

What about this look? It is ridiculously gorgeous. Shadowy roots perfectly melt into blonde hair color and provide with a natural looking effect. It is a fabulous idea for those who have already had blonde hair color. Brunettes need to go for bleaching and only after that apply a blonde hair color.Golden Blonde Hair Color