2018 Unicorn Hair Color Ideas for Your Skin

When talking about hair colors, we always discus natural or solid shades that are good for this or that skin tone but let’s not forget that pastels and unnatural hues such as unicorn shades are equally popular. Indeed, it is a huge commitment, plus you should be extra attentive while picking up an unconventional hue for you. First thing you need to take into consideration, is you skin tone and eye color. However, if you are craving for a rainbow-tinted head, check out these 2018 unicorn hair color ideas for your skin tone and find the exact hue for you.unicorn hair color ideas for 2018Fair Skin with Cool Undertones

Luckily, there are hair color ideas for every skin tone regardless of whether you are looking for unnatural or natural shade. Whatever you wear it will reflect on your skin tone. If you are a woman with fair skin tone and cool undertones, undoubtedly, light pink shades will complement your skin. You may even opt for strawberry and orangey hues. The options are still versatile.pink unicorn hair colorMedium Skin with Cool Undertones

Salma Hayek’s pink is an excellent example of how you can reset the color. Indeed, it has been perfectly customized to her medium skin tone with cool undertones. As you have noticed, her pink is rosy rather than ashy. But the contrast between the skin and hair color is still beautiful. It is an unexpected yet beautiful shade that allows you to show off your bold nature.pink hair color for medium skin toneMedium Skin with Warm Undertones

We have something for medium skinned women with warm undertones as well. We offer going for an ombre like this. Stunning Chantal Jeffries’ ombre is strikingly beautiful. It is great for anyone who is curious about coloring their hair but afraid to take the plunge. Note, that you don’t have to touch your roots just ask for unicorn highlights and that’s it.ombreDark Skin with Cool Undertones

It seems dark skin tone is the most complicated one, but there are so many vibrant tones that flatter it. For example, purples are great for cooled tone African-American women. The effect of vivid hues is simple impressive particularly when paired with curly texture. If you are a woman who doesn’t like to see her hair color on someone else, you should pull off this style.purple for dark skin toneDark Skin with Warm Undertones

According to popular hair colorists, sultry hues are the best for dark skinned women with warm undertones. Apart from being super trendy, these hues tend to bring out the undertones of your complexion. Regardless of what you wear you are bound to look fashion-forward. Just, be brave enough to go ahead with the style.purple hair color