Millennial Pink Hair Color: Hottest Trend of 2018

Various shades of pink are still in the center of attention. The love towards this feminine hair color is increasing day by day. Nowadays, millennial pink hair color is concurring our Instagram feeds and that’s amazing. This is another undertone of pink that represents the entire generation. Millennial pink is not just a trend it is a way of thinking. It is said that this shade become a trend because of a social media. Well, how it become popular is not important as long as we are in love with it. Go on reading to find out your own version of millennial pink hair color in 2018.millennial pink hair colorsMillennial Pink Highlights

Rather than going for all over pink, opt for pink highlights that are great for any season of the year. These highlights are the greatest representation of Millennial hair color. These highlights are easy to achieve on blonde hair color. You don’t have to bleach your tresses, as blonde is already quite light tone, so the highlight will sit on it easily. It is a low-maintenance yet fun look that you may try for yourself.Millennial Pink HighlightsMillennial Pink Hair Color

As you can see Millennial pink hair color has gone viral. Instagram is full of bloggers and trendsetters, that are rocking this hot shade. We have found this amazing look on Instagram. Stunning Fernanda Ly is wearing a Millennial pink that not only highlights her incredible complexion but also brings out her beautiful dark eyes. It is a bold color that will make you stand out in the crowd.Millennial Pink Hair ColorBubblegum Pink Hair Color

It is a sweet variation of pastel pink that requires lots of upkeep. As soon as you get the tone, ask your hair colorist for color treatments. It is a quite light shade that is not easy to get. You will need to attend several bleaching sessions and only after that apply this bubblegum pink hair color to your tresses. Take this picture as an example and go ahead with the shade.Bubblegum Pink Hair ColorPink Roots

There is another option for those who are not ready to go for full commitment. The following style is no less striking. It requires dying only the root and then making it fade into the rest of hair. It is a subtle look that brightens out the model’s face. The tones create a subtle ombre look that is still high-maintenance. One more time I will mention that it is an effortless style for you if you have blonde hair colorMillennial Pink with Strawberry

By incorporating multiple tones, you may achieve the better version of Millennial pink. The undertones of strawberry add movement and dimension throughout the tresses. Indeed, millennial pink works well with strawberry tones. The combination of peach and strawberry creates a warm hair color that complements her light skin tone.Millennial Pink with Strawberry