White Hair Colors for Black Skin Tone in 2018

By saying white, we mean all those platinum and silvery shades that are gone viral on Instagram. Celebrities sporting white hair color trend with striking waves and curls. It seems the trend is still pretty much desired. No secret that blonde hair colors flatter light skin tone but dark-skinned women are also looking forward trying the trend. While choosing a light hair color be aware of your skin tone. We have compiled 2018 white hair colors for black skin tone to provide you with ideas on how you can customize to your dark skin tone.hair colors for dark skin toneGray Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

When it comes to a gray hair color for dark skin tone, it requires using the purplish tones. Style your locks in incredible braids and spice them up with a chic and eye-catching hair color such as greyish tone. Take example from this gorgeous model that rocks a grey hair color that uses less silvery undertones. You may start with grey extensions and if they suit your nature and complexion, go for a big commitment.Gray Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

Super White Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

If you are bold enough to wear a hair color that makes you stand out in the crowd, this shocking white is for you. It creates a great contrast with dark skin tone. It is a high-maintenance style that requires lots of upkeep. You will want to make your strands super light and only after that apply the shade you want. However, you still can experiment with wigs.Super White Hair Color for Dark Skin ToneOmbre Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

You want to go for a light shade but you are not ready for a full commitment? Think of ombre. It is the best solution for women with different skin tones. Keep the roots dark and go lighter towards the tips. Dark roots balance look while creating contrast with the lighter tips. Compared with the previous styles, this one is low-maintenance. So, don’t try to touch up your roots.Ombre Hair Color for Dark Skin ToneAsh White Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

The following picture proves that regardless of your skin tone, you can find the right shade for you. Take example from this incredible ashy blonde hair color. It is all about lightening your brunette strands and applying a lighter shade. If you are afraid of too much contrast, we recommend keeping roots dark. It is an excellent look to make a bold statement.Ash White Hair Color for Dark Skin ToneSilvery Grey Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

What about this gorgeous tone? It uses some silvery undertones that take the look a notch higher. It is a fresh hair color that will liven up your locks. If you need an inspiration for a big commitment, have a look at the model in the picture.Silvery Grey Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone