Reddish Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Celebrities’ hair colorists have convinced us that we can blend any shade we want to achieve a new unique hair color. It is all about how bold you are ready to go. If you are a daring girl, all those bright shades are for you. In case, if you want to create some warmth in your style, opt for a red-blonde color combo. These two shades look quite natural, when achieved through balayage technique. Since both blonde and red are quite diverse, you have really plenty of choices. If you are ready to explore the coolest ideas of reddish blonde hair colors for 2018, just keep reading.reddish blonde hair colorsAuburn Color Melt

Start this striking ombre with textured hair. Settle for a deep auburn tone at the top and let it melt into a light reddish brown hue at the half bottom. Finish the style with strawberry blonde highlights. Style your strands in some lovely waves to give your ombe extra swag. Note that these shades look quite natural because of the balayage technique used to apply the tones.Auburn Color MeltCopper Red to Blonde

Don’t know which shade of red to choose for your next ombre? Well, consider copper, it is one of the most sophisticated tones of red that give pop to any ombre. Start with a copper red and finish in a shimmering blonde shade. Ask your hairstylist to place some golden blonde highlights throughout your strands to tie the blonde with red. Indeed, it is a style to make a statement.Copper Red to BlondeRed Blonde Ombre

There are many sophisticated styles that you can achieve mixing red and blonde tones. The following style is just one of those numerous examples. It starts with a deep red and gets light blonde towards the tips. There is a huge contrast between these two shades. Opt for a chic hairstyle to bring blonde and red tones out. With a style like this you will steal the show wherever you go.Red Blonde OmbreRed and Blonde Color Melt

Here is another statement hairstyle that looks great due to blonde and red color melt. The beauty of this headdress comes from a deep red shade that seamlessly melts into a strawberry blonde at the bottom. Platinum blonde baby lights placed on the tips of the strands give extra pop to this color combo. Style your locks in lovely waves to make your look complete.Red and Blonde Color MeltRed Roots Silver Blonde Hair Color

Ready to add some more fun to your locks? Consider this style. It is just incredible due to red shadowy roots that melt into a silver metallic hue. This ombre gives the style a fresh look. In case if you always dreamed to have mermaid hair, this is the best option to start with. However, brunettes will want to bleach their strands.Red Roots Silver Blonde Hair Color