Awe-Inspired Rose Gold Hair Colors for 2018

Rose gold hair color has been around us for ages and now it is still one of the most desired shades for females. Celebrities continue to debut their delicious rose gold hair, leaving us with some hair envy. If you also want to follow their footsteps, check out these awe-inspired rose gold hair colors for 2018. The stunning combination of red pink and blonde provides with a super wearable hair color, that surprisingly compliments almost all skin tones. Use the following looks as a source of inspiration and work with your stylist to achieve an excellent rose gold hair color.Awe-Inspired Rose Gold Hair Colors for 2018Soft Pink Waves

The greatest way to add some life to dull blonde hair, is to go pink. Already having blonde hair gives you an advantage to rock the lightest hair colors without extra bleaching. It goes without saying that pinkish tones will give a subtle touch to your locks. In case if you are not ready to pull off an unconventional hair color such as pink, you can go for pink highlights or pink ombre. There is should be something for you!Soft Pink WavesRose Gold for Brunettes

Regardless of whether you are a brunette or blonde, from now on include the rose gold hair color to your “must try” list. Luckily, there are some coloring techniques that allow brunettes to experiment with this lightest feminine shade. Since it is a bright shade, you will want to bleach your strands before applying it, for this reason we highly recommend trying rose bold ombre.Rose Gold for BrunettesRose Gold Balayage

What can provide with better look, rather than balayage technique. It blends the shades seamlessly, providing a flawless hair look. Even unnatural shades seem natural achieved through this technique. Add some rose tone to your regular balayage for a more dimensional hair color. You can draw your inspiration from this gorgeous model.Rose Gold BalayageBrown Rose Ombre

Perhaps this is the most favorite style of brunettes. It gives them hope that they also can pull off this chic trend. As I have already mentioned above, brunettes will want to bleach their strands because it is a light color. The ombre is the best option as it doesn’t require full bleaching. Here you can see that the rose gold hair color gets subtler as it perfectly blends with brown creating a natural tone.Brown Rose OmbrePlatinum Blonde and Rose Gold

The lighter, the better! If you have platinum blonde hair color, this version of rose gold is for you. It goes without saying that there is no necessity of bleaching. Place several streaks of rose gold and take your platinum hair a notch higher. It is a great way to update your existing platinum blonde hair.Platinum Blonde and Rose Gold