Bold Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2018

From now on you can involve blue ombre hair colors into your “must try” list. Blue ombre hair colors have taken the world by storm. This shade comes in numerous shapes- balayage, color melt, dip-dye and everything in between. Blue can be personalized to your own taste. You can go bold or stay subtle with classic blues. You have really a wide range of choices. To help you I have compiled the most prominent blue ombre hair color ideas for 2018. Bring out your inner bold girl with these hair looks.  blue ombre hair colorsTurquoise Ombre Hair Color

When saying a blue ombre hair color the classic blue is the first thing that comes into our mind but it is the best moment to think out of the box and create a unique ombre with a lovely sub-tone of blue. Here is one of the best blue ombre looks with a turquoise shade. When it comes to blue ombres, there are innumerable shades to pick from. Thereby, consider this option!Turquoise Ombre Hair ColorBlack to Teal Blue Hair Color

It is a perfect combination that looks almost natural. The black shade has been muted into a teal blue hair color for a true unique style. This unconventional yet statement shade of blue is a way to go if you are a fearless female with strong character features. However, since blue is not a natural shade, you should use color treatments and conditioners to make it last a little but longer.Black to Teal Blue Hair ColorBrown and Blue Bob

A single tone or two-tone hair colors are not for you? Here is something bolder and catchier. It uses more than two shades. It is not necessary to have ultra-long strands to wear three-tone hair color. This bob requires using a dark black base shade that fades into a bit lighter brown shade and transitions into a light blue towards the tips. Somehow it may seem an unusual combination but the look is just amazing and it’s worth trying.Brown and Blue BobMidnight Blue Ombre

If you are not into contrasting or too bright shades, but you still want to try something different, consider this midnight blue ombre. It is fantastic ombre look that it requires placing some dark blue highlights throughout black hair to achieve a whole new look. These highlights will not only liven up your strands but also add extra dimension to your black hair color. Just try it, and you will not regret as it is surprisingly low-maintenance.Midnight Blue OmbrePastel Hair Color

Indeed, it is a high maintenance style, but it is worth your effort and time. It requires a massive amount of hair bleaching before you go ahead with these tones. However, to achieve this style we highly recommend you make an appointment at your favorite hair salon. Ask your stylist for pastel blue roots that transition into white blonde hair color towards the tips.Pastel Hair Color