Hair Color Ideas by Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has a great influence on fashion industry. Her hairstyles and hair colors are being adopted by women from all over the world. It is not even surprising that she has her own hashtag on Instagram. She knows how to transform from one hairstyle to another. When it comes to the latest trends, we can always find them out by following this superstar. In this article, we put together the best hair color ideas by Jessica Alba. If you are an adventurous woman you may want to try one of these modern looks.Jessica Alba Hair colors Ruby Red Hair Color

It is not one of the latest looks of Jessica Alba but before rocking the coolest brunette hair colors, she was a hot redhead. This ruby red hair color complements her skin tone and gives extra pop to her deep brown eyes. She looks quite different in this deep ruby shade but we love it. We are wondering when she will go back to that bold red hair color. The tint is worn on her signature medium-length hair.Ruby Red Hair ColorBlonde Bob Hair

Jessica Alba’s lovely blonde bob is surely one of the best styles of Jessica Alba. No doubt, this bob looks incredible on her, the tips of the bob are curled but it is still the blonde shade that makes this bob unique. It is styled in a messy pattern for a casual look. This bob is an excellent option to bring out her stunning oval face shape. It is a low-maintenance style to adopt.  Blonde Bob HairCaramel Highlights

Jessica Alba has worn variety of hairstyles with caramel and honey highlights. This style requires adding some caramel highlights throughout brown hair. However, they dramatically accentuate her warm skin tone and while the curled tips make this natural looking hair color more appealing. If you look close, you will notice some lighter highlights placed around the face.Caramel HighlightsModern Ombre

Here is a ridiculously low-maintenance hair look that can be adopted by busy women out there. It is a traditional ombre that requires transitioning from dark to light towards the tips. You can choose your favorite color combination. Jessica Alba’s ombre features a dark brown root and light blonde tips. Opt for this style for a better look. The ombre looks just impressive on lob haircut.ombre hair colorDeep Brown Hair Color

It is not surprising that Jessica Albas hairstyles and hair colors are becoming popular among females. Here is another dark brunette shade that still complements her skin tone and eye color. It goes without saying that the darker shades don’t require regular touchups. The deep brown shade looks even better when the locks are styled in an udpo design. Now you can see that the solid tints are also trendy.deep brown hair colorHighlighted Waves

Jessica Alba looks ultra-feminine with waves. The waves are stunning because of the multitude highlights placed throughout the locks. You can achieve a sophisticated hair look without going for full commitment. If you have lovely complexions like Jessica Alba adopt this style put a beautiful smile on your face and capture the world’s attention.